“The Trip of Seeking Root” Summer Camp Beijing 2016, the new media platform provides real-time updates

For years the AACYF has been organizing “The Trip of Seeking Root” Summer Camp for teenagers annually. They chose Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College as the site for  “The Trip of Seeking Root” Summer Camp Beijing 2016. All the participated teenagers are acting as usual, starting from being pushed by parents, to getting interested in it, and finally saying good bye to each other and promising to come together the next year. The organizer, participated teenagers’ parents and professors from Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College had created a Wechat Group chat. Starting from picking up from airport to sending off, professors provided real-time updates. Parents truly appreciated and made positive comments on their behavior.

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Ruie Zhan, from AACYF Service Center, is responsible for recruiting campers. After sending out the first recruiting notification, she started a group chat for all the parents that have interest in the Summer Camp. Therefore, she is able to introduce the whole Summer Camping and answer all the questions from parents. Once the application is confirmed, all the parents will be moved to the Real-time updates group chat with the camp leader and professors from BCLCC (Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College).




Weilong Dang, the professors of BCLCC, is responsible for checking flight schedule. Parent reported the flight number and arriving time individually, Professor Dang collected all the information and made arrangement for all the picking up. Once they pick up the camper, they would upload the picture and notify camper’s parents.

After entering the BCLCC campus site, there’s a lot of activities waiting for them. Every camper would go to dorm, have lunch, attend the opening ceremony, practice martial art, traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy and performance show. All the photos were uploaded into the group chat immediately, parents would communicate with teachers in order to knowing teenagers’ demand. At this time, all the campers were gradually getting along with each other. With those courses and activities going on, teenagers are more and more into the Summer Camp.


Teenagers were excited about the tour of Beijing. Furthermore, the tour of Mount Tai and Confucian temple spread the seed of Chinese culture into their mind. Parents felt they were traveling with their kids with the help of the large number of daily photos. Some parents even said they were living the Chinese time zone and seeing the real-time updates on wechat, in order to reducing the yearning.


When the Summer Camp ended, there is a great friendship among them. The photo was taking place when some campers had to leave earlier. It is the last photo before they leave. Some of them hugged each other, cried and promised to meet next year.

One of the camper Dashan Li’s mom said, he is most interested in the lecture of Chinese Food Culture. The tour of Mount Tai impressed him a lot. He has experienced a lot of “first time” during this two weeks. It is worth participating and she will send Dashan’s little sister and friends next time.

Lucile Wang, who sent three grandchildren to Summer Camp, said it is very beneficial for them. They all had a good time and make some friends during the trip.

Victor Liu’s mom downloaded the selected photos and made a video as a surprise for the other parents.

Xiangdong Ren, the president of AACYF said, On the one hand, from sending kids to “The Trip of Seeking Root” Summer Camp, to following the updates of the camp life, it shows the foresight of those parents; on the other hand, it is also the attachment of Chinse culture from their heart.

AACYF, the organizer, asked for participated teenager’s feedback after the end of camp. At the same time, they sent the feedback to BCLCC’s professor Weilong Dang directly. Parents appreciated the careful planning and responsible attitude of BCLCC, also they were impressed by the new media platform. Many of them said they will send their kids to “The Trip of Seeking Root” Summer Camp next year.

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