Moldovan president taken to hospital after car crash

Moldovan President Igor Dodon was involved in a car crash on Sunday, but was not seriously hurt, according to his press office.

“There was a car accident, thanks to God everyone is safe and sound,” said spokeswoman Carmina Lupei.

Local media reported the crash happened when an oncoming lorry overtook a vehicle and crashed into the presidential convoy near the town of Straseni, about 30 kilometres north of Moldova’s capital Chisinau.

One of the cars overturned and Dodon was taken to the hospital, having suffered only light injuries such as scratches and bruises. However, local media reports say his mother is currently in a serious condition.

Doden, 43, has ruled Moldova since December 2016, and is considered a pro-Russian leader for the former Soviet Republic.

President of Moldova Igor Dodon, involved in a car accident

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