John Liu Wins New York State Senate

In what was potentially the most tense race in the city, John Liu handily won the seat in the 11th Senate District over Republican candidate Vickie Paladino and state Sen. Tony Avella, who refused to back down after losing the Democratic primary in September.

At about 10:30 Liu declared victory at Bayside’s Monahan & Fitzergerald’s bar to a packed room. At the time, Liu was ahead with 31, 858 votes to Paladino’s 13, 450, Avella with 10, 961 and only 175 of 224 election districts reporting.

Liu declared to the tightly packed room, “We took this senate seat back for a true Democrat!”

“It’s about this district, it’s about this community, it’s also about the state of New York, and it’s about fighting back against what’s happening in this country!” Liu stated.

Liu believes that bringing the country in the right direction starts in New York and begins with passing legislation in the senate that will “bring dignity to immigrants, make sure that workers are treated fairly,” he said.

The room cheered when he shouted, “We want to pass the reproductive health act!”

He added, “There is so much legislation that is bottled up in the New York state senate. We’re going to work hard to pass that come January.”

Liu then thanked his many supporters and new colleagues in the state legislature. He encouraged everyone to enjoy the evening and said, “Now, I hope there is some food left, cause I’m starving!”

Four years ago Liu lost to Avella in the Democratic primary that had a turnout of nearly 15,000 voters, and missed a win by only 894 votes.

Earlier this year, Liu saw that no one was challenging Avella in the primary and in early July, threw his hat in the ring.

Avella was part of the now defunct Independent Democratic Caucus (IDC), which caucuses with state senate Republicans.

Four years after their initial bout, with the aid of anti-IDC sentiment, Liu won the primary.

Vickie Paladino represented a far right contingency in the World’s Borough and last made headlines a few weeks ago when she accused Liu’s campaign staffers of being part of extremist left-wing group Antifa.

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