International students favor SoGal Influencer Summit 2018

As it is one of the Chinese international students’ most liked events, the SoGal LA Annual Influencer Summit attracts about 300 audiences and 30 very popular influencers. at Skyline Loft on December 1st,

The summit is a truly transformative half-day event with diverse leaders who gather to connect & inspire young professionals community. SoGal has invited a crowd of internet celebrities, including makeup artists who have worked for well known movie stars; the host of Forbes LA Times, Dio’s fashion model, influencers witth 300K+ followers, an entrepreneur who sold her company for $26M, and many more.

According to organizer Chloe Xu, director of SoGal LA,  this event is set up for who wants to learn about personal branding, how to make your picture more than just a photo, the future of social media.

AACYF 2017 30 under 30 recipient, fashion blogger Vera Wang during her speech about confidence, she said, “a lot of people don’t have confidence, it always comes back to one huge core problem, Insecurity. How to deal with this issue, Vera advises: Love yourself; get over a rejection a.s.a.p.; Self-improvement, have better values; Choosing better problems to solve; Smile more.

SoGal Influencer Summit helped young women to realize the importance of being confident and the impact of personal branding. Meanwhile, it helps talented young women in Los Angeles to meet with each other and helps women society to be bonded together. With the diversity of Chinese and Western audience, this is an unique event that helps Chinese students involve in Western country.

Students from USC, UCLA, UCI etc. said, it’s great opportunity to learn how to clearly build up the the efficiency network, also very excited to meet so many influencers and friends.

Organizer: Chloe Yanyu Xu

Vera Wang, AACYF 2017 30 under 30 recipient

Coca Studio team on site for free makeup session

OnePiece Santa Monica team

Chloe Yanyu Xu, director of SoGal LA

Cosmo Hu (Right)

Coca Studio team

SCONELY founder

Model/Actress Crystal Li (Left ) and JiaZhen

Students from USC

SoGal LA team


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