Los Angeles Chinese Community first original experimental dance “Nirvana” North American premiere


On December 2nd, Lucy Xie’s original experimental dance “Nirvana” was premiered at the Bonita Art Center in Los Angeles, USA. This work condenses her many years of stage performance experience and breaks the narrative style of traditional dance drama. In the form of traversing, the elements of classical dance and modern dance are used. At the same time, it combines a distinct personal style, which reflects the modern people’s stray and reflection on the cycle of life. The ultimate reflection on the expression of philosophy through dance drama: “Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go?” This is a bold breakthrough and attempt, reflecting the creator’s thinking about the meaning of life.


Lucy Xie, a great young dancer, choreographer and teacher, is good at conveying emotions and sorrows in body language and telling different stories of life in dance dramas. She has been associated with dance for more than 30 years and has accumulated rich experience in stage performance. She has become a national-level outstanding professional dancer and has created a large number of works that are well received by the audience. Her footprints are also spread over more than 20 countries.

The original experimental dance drama “Nirvana” is inspired by Lucy Xie’s collision in the culture of East and West and the change of life. It is the precipitation and accumulation of many years of dance performance. “Nirvana” is unique. It is a piece of Chinese original experimental dance drama that integrates sound and photoelectric dance into one, and adopts modern aesthetic perspective and Chinese dance as an element. It embodies modern people’s belief in life and meaning of life. And retrospection and reflection of reincarnation. Xie Lu gathers screenwriters, directors, and main actors. In order to make the dance dramas have a higher level of presentation, I specially invited professional dancers who have worked for the chief of the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe as the main actors and dances from the Beijing Song and Dance Theatre. Lighting designers, as well as inviting North America’s most powerful new vision production masters to participate in the production of special effects, repeated polishing, elaborate, took two years, to achieve real Los Angeles, San Francisco, Beijing and other three more than 40 cast members.



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