A Filmmaker & Content Producer From Malaysia Making His Career In Hollywood

Originally from Malaysia, Puoh Share See aka PoShare is a creative content producer and filmmaker who graduated with a film degree from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida and an audio engineering diploma degree graduate from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia. As a creative content producer and filmmaker with exceptional skills and abilities in both film and audio, PoShare held a leading role in audio content creation for Tan Ce Ding’s “Thanks For Saving Me” a well-known Malaysian short film that were selected and nominated as a finalist at the Malaysia’s most prestigious and longest-running short film festival, BMW Shorties Malaysia. In America, PoShare collaborated with Emmy Award-winning documentary film director, Jason Dasilva as a video content producer for “Mapping The Disability Trap – How Health Care Makes Disability a Trap” – an opinion documentary that has been featured in New York Times and other media outlets.

Last week, The LA Post interviewed PoShare to get to know more about his career and his his knowledge and experience working in the industry. The following is our Q&A session with PoShare:

PoShare worked on audio editing and mixing of Tan Ce Ding’s, Thanks For Saving Me.

  1. Where are you from and what do you do?

My name is Puoh Share See, originally from Kuching, Malaysia and I’m currently a filmmaker/creative content producer in Los Angeles, California.

PoShare on Set as Content Producer for famous international fashion designer, Adrian Alicia’s World Domination Fashion Teaser Video.


  1. What skills and attributes does it require to become a real creative content producer and filmmaker?

Becoming a real filmmaker requires more than being just a good visual storyteller and artist but also an entrepreneur, salesman and manager simultaneously. Think about it as starting a new business each time you started a new filming. As a filmmaker, you obviously have to possessed strong screenwriting, producing, directing, and cinematography skills along other film related skills like camera operations, lightings, production designs, art directions, special effects, acting, film editing, etc. Knowledge of entrepreneurship is essential as a filmmaker in finding out the target market and audience of your film, in promoting your films, convincing film investors & distributors to invest and distribute to the market, and film budgeting.


Knowledge of leadership and management allowed you to lead and manage the whole production with full creative controls, financial and other logistic stuff such as hiring the right talents and crews. Leading and directing the whole production towards the right direction in achieving your desired end result. Having good problem solving and decision making skills. Good verbal and non-verbal communicaiton skills. Provide constructive crticisms to casts and crews when they made mistakes without hurting their feelings. Networking with others goes a long way. Through networking, you’ll be able to get investors for your film, getting more filmmaking projects and collaborating with highly talented individuals. That same goes to being a creative content producer and the only difference for being a filmmaker and creative content producer is that as a content producer, you are creating series or segments of short videos for social media, businesses, and organizations VS. creating the entire feature content for films.

PoShare working on set as a cinematographer for Emmy Award Documentary Film Director, Jason Dasilva’s When We Walk at Las Vegas, Nevada.


  1. Why do you prefer to be a creative content producer and filmmaker in the U.S?

I prefered  to be a creative content producer and filmmaker in U.S because Hollywood is the film capital of the world where I’m able to connect and collaborate not just filmmakers from America but also filmmakers from all over the world in one location. The freedom to express our arts, stories, and creativites in filmmaking and I’m a wanderlust who love to travel, live and experience life in different countries made me decided to be filmmaker in U.S.

PoShare was working on sound design for Tan Ce Ding’s Thanks For Saving Me.


  1. What makes you interested in pursuing content producing and filmmaking and what is your goal?

I’ll say my very first job that I started in the industry as an Audio Engineer at MIG Pictures Sdn Bhd during the final year of my audio engineering studies at LimKokWing Unversity. I got lots of opportunity to work alongside with a couple famous Malaysian actors such as Perkin, Along Cham, Farid Kamil, and Mikail Andre. Plus, I was involved in a BMW Shorties 2013 short film, “Thanks For Saving Me” directed by Tan Ce Ding as a content creator/sound designer/sound mixer/post-production sound editor. The short film got nominated as BMW Shorties 2013’s Top 10 finalist. I got my interests in filmmaking since then. Plus, I love sharing stories with friends and family, that’s what filmmaker does, sharing stories through motion pictures. My goal as a filmmaker is to constantly making films and creating video contents that is truly meaningful with great life values and to let the west to know more about the east.


Post ADR Recording Session Group Picture with Malaysian actor, Mikail Andre at MIG Studio, Malaysia.


  1. What do you think makes you special as a filmmaker/creative content producer?

Despite having lots of knowledge and experience in filmmaking such as, screenwriting, producing, directing, camera operating, lighting, etc. The fact that I grew up in a multicultural country like Malaysia along with American culture have made me created and produced films and video contents with unique elements where audience are able to see both eastern and western cultures and unique storytelling through cinematography, and production designs. Being grew up in a multiracial country makes me communicate and collaborate easily and effectively with anyone without language or cultural barriers. I’m a filmmaker/creative content producer that often assembled a culturally and racially diversed team for any production I’m person who stressed on a lot about diversity and let the west know more about the east. Because I personally think that, a person will be able to get to know more about other people’s culture through work collaborations. Moreover, I am constantly searching meaningful life values that can do good to the society and humanity where I can applied into films and video contents I created.

Post ADR Recording Session Group Picture with Malaysian actor, Perkin Ibrahim at MIG Studio, Malaysia.

  1. What was the previous projects that you’ve involved in and tell me a little bit about it?

As I mentioned previously, I’ve worked with MIG Pictures as an Audio Engineer for couple Malaysian feature films like Adnan Semp-It 3, Bencinta, Dua Kalimah, and Lagenda Budak Sekolah in 2012. Then, I worked on Tan Ce Ding’s, “Thanks For Saving Me” as a content creator/sound designer/sound mixer/post-production sound editor & mixing engineer in 2013, got nominated as top 10 finalist in BMW Shorties 2013.


I worked with WWE NXT September 2015 Full Show in Orlando, Florida as camera support and video content creator and it was broadcast on several TV channels like FX, FX latin America, FOX Sports 2, Astro SuperSport 4, and many more. Worked as a video content creator for New York Style Fashion Week 2017 World Domination Teaser Video by Fashion Designer, Adrian Alicia where the video was showcased at The Manhattan Center and 2016’s Cinemoi Fashion Film Festival. Produced, filmed and edited Regular by New York Rapper, Ra Parks in 2016, the video received 655,794 views on World Star Hip-Hop website. I was involved as a video content creator for Sharaya J’s New Wave Music Video in 2017 that received 74,401 views on Youtube. A Content Creator/Story Editor and Supervising Sound Editor for Crime Confidential 2016 directed by a Malaysian film director, Julian Lim where the film received numerous international film festival awards from U.S and Europe.


I was a Documentary Content Creator/Cinematographer/Editor for Mapping The Disablity Trap “How Health Care makes Disability A Trap” by Emmy Award Director, Jason Dasilva where it was published on New York Times  in July 2018. I was also a Documentary Content Creator/Cinematographer/Editor for Jason Dasilva’s featured documentary, When We Walk that will soon be release and submitted to Sundance Film Festival. Content produced and directed One United USP International Indonesia/Malaysia corporate video in 2017. I was also the video content producer/director/camera operator/editor for an educational video entitled CSULB ALI Success In The Labs Education promotional Video 2018 produced by California State University Long Beach.

Behind The Scene Photo of PoShare Directing One United USP International Corporate Video.


  1. What is your next move and what is your upcoming project?

In my next move, I’ll continue collaborating with more filmmakers who are talented and have a story that is meaningful and has potential in making this world a better place to live in. I’ll be constantly writing screenplays and creating video contents that will change the course of humanity towards the positive side despite we all currently living in a chaotic world. I’m currently producing a short film for international film festival submissions called SPOILED. A social educational film about women codependency that causes a downturn in a family financially, emotionally, and socially. I’m also developing another feature film screenplay called KONGSI that I plan to film in Malaysia. Another social educational film about two brothers who joined secret society during high school to earn extra money but instead got themselves into drug and human trafficking and end up in jail.

PoShare receiving award for Crime Confidential at Cinema New York City 2016.


  1. Given that you are currently building your filmmaking and content producing career in US, will you be planning to go back to Malaysia and contribute to the film industry over there?

Yes, I will go back to contribute my talents to the film industry in Malaysia. As I mentioned previously, I plan to film of my upcoming feature film in Malaysia and I think that Malaysia’s film industry is rapidly evolving. There are a lot of talented Malaysian filmmakers who graduated from U.S, Europe, and all over the world. And besides having Astro as Malaysia’s biggest broadcast company, we have a film soundstage operated by Pinewood Studios in Iskandar, Johor Bahru. Some Hollywood films and TV series like Marco Polo were filmed there. So yeah, I don’t the reason why not. By the way, I’m always looking for collaborations with filmmakers and businesses from all over the world in producing meaningful video/film contents that can help improve the society in all way.