2019 “AACYF Top 30 under 30” selection begins accepting applications and nominations

The All America Chinese Youth Federaion, Chinese American Junior Chamber of Commerce, the “Los Angeles Post” and other agencies jointly announced that the annual AACYF Top 30 under 30 elite list selection will be open for application and nomination on January 13. Deadline is March 5th. Winners list will be unveiled on March 18 .

Candidate must be: Chinese, 30 years old  below (including 30 years of age), participated in the founder of at least one business (or non-profit organizations), as a business or institutional founder or co-founder, or as the company’s CEO and other positions. In the past year, companies (or institutions) have more significant growth or special features that attract public attention. Excellent performance in the arts and sports. Those who have studied in the United States or are living in the United States, studying abroad, and starting a business can all participate in the selection.

Industries cover business technology, consumer technology, art (art design and diet), manufacturing and energy, sports and entertainment, finance and investment, marketing, fashion, media, medical and scientific research, education, social entrepreneurship and retail and e-commerce. Various fields.

Criteria for selection include industry experience, entrepreneurial experience, managerial ability, ability to interact with investors, ability to interact with the media, social influence, prospects of the industry in which they operate, competitiveness, ability to innovate, market access, and ability to finance etc.

Selected to accept the “American Chinese 30-year-old outstanding entrepreneurs Nomination Committee,” members of the recommendation, all kinds of media reporters recommended to accept the industry to recommend candidates to each other, but also to accept their own recommendations. The final stage is selected by professionals in all fields.

Organizers said that in recent years, Chinese-foreign youths and students have started to venture into China, and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship have returned to their origins and a number of very good representatives have emerged. We hope that by selecting and selecting excellent entrepreneurs with innovative spirit and leadership in all fields, we will further promote and enhance the development momentum of the youth innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, provide more social visibility to Chinese youth and entrepreneurs of foreign students, and find and nurture the future Business leaders and Chinese community leaders.

The organizers will also provide a broader exchange and interaction opportunities for all those who enter the list. The list of winners will also be a member of the “Nominating Committee of Outstanding Entrepreneurs Under 30 in China” and a member of the AACYF Junior 100 Committee.

Applicants should send a brief personal introduction in English and Chinese, and brief introductions of the business or the organization in English and Chinese with a portrait to aacyf.org@gmail.com.

At present, this is the first and only overseas 30-year-old entrepreneur (30 under 30) for Chinese and foreign students in the Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Circle. Known as the most influential and credible overseas Chinese youth and foreign students Entrepreneurship annual list. The 30 outstanding young entrepreneurs selected last year were well received by the world renowned Chinese media and mainstream media in the United States, as well as the community. Many people in the list have been selected into the list of entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in the United States, Asia and China in the same year as the world’s leading financial magazine.aacyf.org@gmail.com.

At the same time, the organizers invite all kinds of media and organizations that are willing to encourage and promote Chinese-American youth and foreign students to start their own businesses, and participate in the selection activities together. For organizations and media interested in participating in joint co-operation, please contact the All-China Youth Federation at aacyf.org@gmail.com.

Organizers sincerely invite people from all walks of life to participate in the registration and support for this selection. Participating agencies will be mentioned one after another in the news, and have the opportunity to nominate candidates, after the list is announced, have the opportunity to exchange views and entries. In order to maintain the independence and impartiality of the selection, the selection will not charge a registration fee during the selection period. 

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