Janice Hahn: protecting jobs from automation

Last week, the Los Angeles Harbor Commission approved a permit that would allow the introduction of driverless cargo carriers in the APM Terminal at the Port of Los Angeles. This action is expected to result in significant job loss. I opposed this plan and this week I asked my colleagues to do the same.

I also asked for the County to conduct an economic analysis of what automation at our port could mean for good jobs in our communities. The port has long been a source of good, middle-class jobs that have supported families and driven local businesses.  They’ve allowed people to buy homes and send their kids to college — everything we associate with the American dream. If we lose these jobs, our community will suffer and we will regret not doing everything in our power to protect them.

I am proud to stand with the ILWU and I applaud City Councilman Joe Buscaino for his leadership.