Impressive Chinese folk music whirlwind: Enchanting China 2019 west coast performances

The best Chinese culture and art experience of the year.

Two months before the show began, people in Los Angeles were able to see information about the show on local mainstream channels and platforms. This was considered by the ethnic communities outside the Chinese community to be the first concert from China this year. With the spread on multiple platforms of social media, the performance by the internationally renowned violinist Lu Siqing with the group was highly anticipated by many local music lovers.

” Enchanting China” is an art feast created by the top and most senior Chinese national orchestras of the China Broadcasting Arts Troupe. Nearly 80 artists of the China Broadcasting Art Troupe and Peng Jiapeng, the national first-level conductor of the China Broadcasting Arts Troupe, are well-known figures. The violinist Lu Siqing, the famous Peking Opera actress Zhang Xinyue, and the national first-class Huqin artist Jiang Kemei performed a perfect music festival to the audiences of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle.

The Los Angeles concert was staged at the world-famous Dolby Theatre, which opened with the national orchestral “Guo Feng” composed by Mr. Zhao Jiping. The Chinese Opera Plum Blossom Awards advocated the “Pear Blossoms” of Xinyue Zhang, bringing the perfect combination of Beijing Opera and Orchestra to the audience. The violin master Lu Siqing’s solo and the “Liang ShanBo and Zhu Yingtai” which was accompanied by the China Radio National Orchestra have performed thousands of years of classic love stories in China and are extremely beautiful.

The second half began with the national orchestral “Song of the Wind”. The composition of Wang Danhong, the performance by the national first-class Banhu performer Jiang Kemei, and the accompaniment of the China Radio National Orchestra, the “Song of the Music” was truly exceptional. The fantasy song “Qin. Terracotta Warriors”, composed by Peng Xiuwen, directed by Peng Jiapeng and played by the China Radio National Orchestra, was eye-catching and brilliant.

Zhang Gaoxiang, deputy head of the China Broadcasting Art Troupe and director of the US-West tour, said: The performance is based on the profound cultural heritage of China for thousands of years, diversified and splendid national colors, rich and colorful opera music, and Chinese national music facing the world. The broad-mindedness of the show and the integration and innovation with the world’s best culture work together to make due contributions to human culture and artistic exchanges.

After watching the performance, Samuel Kang, Mayor Pro Tem of Duarte City, Los Angeles, said that although he was educated in the United States, his understanding of Chinese culture was very limited, but through the interpretation of the concert artists, the first time for Chinese national culture The common resonance of the mind strengthens his sense of identity and pride.

Hollywood film actor and producer Ernest Jam said with great excitement “that the first time I met Chinese folk art; the performances of Chinese artists were shocked at the scene. In particular, when I heard Lu Siqing’s violin “Liang Zhu”, I felt the heartbreaking melody in the music from the first note, which once again confirmed the beauty and special communication of the music language. And the entire concert was produced very well, and the production team was very professional in many details.”

Richard Ren, president of the Chinese American Institute for Public Diplomacy, said that from the audience and effect of the concerts in Los Angeles, the market strategy of the organizers is effective. It is the most successful performance of the Chinese art groups in recent years for the mainstream American society. It is very rare. Excellent Chinese culture and art exchanges in the United States, professional local hosting and production teams are one of the key elements of success.

After the successful premiere of the “Charming China” National Symphony Concert by the China Broadcasting Art Troupe at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, June 23 and 24, at the Art Palace Theatre in San Francisco, USA, June 26 in Fort McCaw, Seattle The theater was successfully staged and successfully closed.

The well noted Chinese culture and art curator Rudy Gao and Novartizan Entertainment in North America participated in the organization and production of this tour.

Peng Xiuwen

Violinist Lu Siqing

Zhang Xinyue

Jiang Kemei

Zhang Ping (Middle), Consul General of Los Angeles of China