Global launch: “Go home and watch Dancing Los Angeles – Chen Hong Healthy Dance Time”

“Let’s go home and see” is known as one of the insurmountable classics in the history of Chinese pop songs. The song singer and Chinese pop star Chen Hong attended a groundbreaking global launch on July 2nd in Beverly Hills: “Go home and watch Dancing Los Angeles – Chen Hong Healthy Dance Time.”

Hollywood Oscars winners, Emmy winners, celebrities, and nearly a hundred local mainstream media and Chinese media reporters attended the conference.

Prior to the press conference, Chen Hong played in Los Angeles, in collaboration with Hollywood’s internationally renowned team Beverly Films, reinterpreting and incorporating new elements such as local music and dance, four classic songs: “Jamie Come”, “Grateful Heart”, “Dream Water Country”, and “Happy Hour” MV. 

In the MV, Chen Hong’s soft singing, simple dance movements, and the international dance’ team showed the dynamic beauty of the musical rhythm of Chinese classic pop songs.

Chen Hong said that she had been lying in bed for nearly a month because of a lumbar injury in Los Angeles last March. After her recovery, she began to pay attention to health and realized the importance of health to life.

In the past year, she has gone through rehabilitation training, sports, dance, and songs, and gradually merged into “Chen Hong Health Dance.” In her speech, she expressed her deep gratitude to the Chinese friends in the United States, and the care and joint efforts of American doctors and American friends to help her in her recovery.

Now she is grateful and hopes to pass this healthy and happy way of health not only to the Chinese people, but also to the American people.  When promoting this art that combines health, dance, and music, she says, you can sing with me, dance together, be healthy, and be happy together. I hope that in this way, the friendship between the US and Chinese people can be enhanced.

Chen Hong said that he is willing to be a bridge for friendship and mutual understanding between the two peoples. 

Zhou Zheng, a bilingual host from Los Angeles, is partnered with Ms. Berry Akto, a Hollywood-based television presenter. 

Well-known American TV host, formerly CBS/NBS/Fox News, 22 Emmy winners Carlos Amezcua said: “The four most advanced elements and high-quality MVs were completed in two weeks, creating a Hollywood miracle.” 

Storm Aid Live/World Peace One Concerts Founder Douglas Ivanovich’s representative body came to present Chen Hong with a certificate of “Beverly Charitable Contribution”. Harrison Engle, the founding president of The National Documentary Association and co-chair of Beverly Arts, presented Chen with The Arts Consultant Certificate in The Beverly Arts/Beverly Arts.

“Ratu Mud Princess Karen Cantrell- Noble and Vice Chancellor Timor Indonesia, Chief Financial Officer, Beverly Hills Women’s Club Sir Robert Jan Morrison On behalf of the United Nations Association of the United States, Chen Hong was awarded the “Human Contribution Award”, which also set the tone of the press conference to a new climax.

Chen Hong, a new resident of Beverly Hills, was recently invited to join the 100-year-old Beverly Hills Women’s Club as a new member. In addition to the congratulating from James Ganiere, Hollywood’s Emmy judge. The new president of Mumsey Nemiroff’s Women’s Club also brought senior management Carol Shane- BHWC Board member/Pamela Cohen- BHWC Board member Come to congratulate.

Four-time Grammy award winner Stephanie Spuill. Henry Lipatov, the chief director of Beverly Films, a Hollywood production company, led the production team on stage to give a presentation of the experience.

Sharon Amezcua, Wall Street finance godmother, Sandra Costa, Internaltional/Beverly Hills Celebrity Interior Designer, and Zehra Sun, president of MDSUN, a world renowned beauty company, came to congratulate Sino-US businesses such as Jiadaer Wine Group. 

Chen Hong, the main character in “Go Home And See Dancing Los Angeles”, has been an activist in mainland China since 1990. She is China’s national-level singer, Asia’s top ten best hits winner, China’s documentary assistant secretary-general and image spokesman, China’s Red Cross Society Goodwill Ambassador, China’s Ocean Ambassador, China’s top ten Chinese ocean ambassadors! With a billion Chinese fans, 10 times China Central Television Spring Festival Gala, representative work Shen Chang Go home to see the “Xie Xin Xin”. In memory of the 2008 Olympic Games, the same theme song sung by Sirius on Chang’an Street was also the director of the Chinese documentary “Shen Xiang to the Sea”.

What’s more gratifying is that Zhang Sujiu, a well-known overseas Chinese figure, also came with a woman to congratulate her and offered to set up “Go Home And See Choir” in Los Angeles.

After the “Go Home And See Los Angeles Dance” conference, there was a boisterous party. Everyone felt welcomed and at home.

MDSUN -ZEHRA SUN  (Left)  and Christian Ganiere (Right)

Joey Zhou


Christian Ganiere (Right), Stephanie Spuill  (Left)

Chen Hong and Christian Ganiere (Left)