Chinese University Alumni Association Alliance of Southern California 2019 Scholarship open to the public

“Not only to Chinese American Students, Not only for member’s kids,  our 2019 annual Scholarship application will open to the public from this year”, Shaohuai Qiu, president of Chinese University Alumni Association Alliance of Southern California (CUSAAASC) , said on news conference Sunday afternoon at El Monte. 

Sponsor Sky Vision Insurance Agency vice president George Yang said it’s a perfect co-operation with CUSAAASC to provide support and encouragement to young generation. 

According to Dr. Yutao He, vice president of CSUAAASC and executive director of this year’s CUSAAASC Youth Forum, the scholarship application need student to fill out the form and provide personal essay and transcript from school.

online application is open to the public, the final list will be unveiled on this year;s CUSAAAC Youth Forum, Sept. 1st at Renaissance Newport Beach Hotel, 4500 Macarthur Boulevard, Newport Beach, Registration:

Essay requiring answers for 3 questions: (1) Why do you want to apply for the scholarship? (2) Why do you think you should be awarded? (3) What would you do with the winning prize if you are awarded)?

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