ITRIX tea, shining brand of Ceylon tea on 2019 Los Angeles Tea Festival

Tea lovers and tea experts were brought together at the recent Los Angeles Tea Festival for a memorable two days of tea and talk. During the two days of the festival thousands of visitors were treated to a feast of information on every aspect of tea, its origins, blends, and the intricacies of tea tasting and how to prepare the perfect brew, while they enjoyed the colorful performances and presentations. The festival attracted a large number of tea traders representing an array of tea brands from every tea producing country. Visitors were enjoying the attractive booths and presentations while sipping all sorts of brewed cocktails available at the booths.

Among the booths one of the most attractive once where the visitors were seen mulling around tasting an incredible variety of teas, from the land best known for tea, was the upstart ITRIX TEA. Now available online on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and soon at Trader Joes, ITRIX TEA is carefully crafted from Pure Ceylon tea, garden fresh, finest quality, all natural, heathy tea leaves specially chosen from the highland tea estates.


ITRIX tea is the brainchild of Niro who hails from the enchanting Island of Ceylon with world famous tea gardens. Long before the British introduced tea in 1867, the Island was famous as the Spice Island where the Dutch sailed to trade in spices. Decades ago while dabbling in the local tea industry Niro had a vision to blend the two exotic products of the Island, tea, and spice, in to a unique beverage that is both healthy and delicious. Arriving in the United States and encouraged by associates he soon saw a niche in the market for his vision, and so began the journey of ITRIX tea that is marketed worldwide. Carefully selected herbs and tea buds from naturally grown plants are blended and hygienically packed ITRIX tea meets the highest standards in the industry.

ITRIX TEA markets the full gamut of teas, some uniquely blended to meet the needs of the discerning consumers. While high quality black tea remains the most popular, ITRIX TEA has introduced a line of unique teas to meet the demand of today’s consumer who shop for healthy foods. ITRIX invites the customers to enjoy healthy living with the naturally grown Ceylon Green tea that is grown without any harmful chemicals. 

The speciality ITRIX TEA comes with the blend of high-quality herbal ingredients that tastes pure and fresh delivering rich sweetness and aroma. The organic green tea is specially prepared to support weight loss with traditional organic herbs that aid in detoxification and eliminate toxins released from fat cells aiding weight Loss and Increased Metabolism.  Line of ITRIX TEA branded as Premium Herbal Tea is infused with sweet, bright citrus and fruity flavor to serve as a refreshing and Aromatic tea.

ITRIX markets its tea as containing only the finest, freshest natural ingredients with no added flavors, using apple, hibiscus flowers, rosehips, orange peel, candied pineapple, lemonelderberry, cranberry and natural flavors