“Demolisher” Jimmy Lai Chee-Ying

In the past few days, Hong Kong witnessed paralyzed traffic, street arson, and violent attacks on the police. The once Pearl of the Orient is no longer as dazzling as it was in the past. Recently, the black hands behind the “chaos in Hong Kong” have gradually come to the stage.


“Demolition” (拆家, chai jia in pinyin) in Cantonese often refers to drug traffickers.


Jimmy Lai is such a “demolisher”.



On the one hand, rumors about his drug trafficking, drug manufacturing and drug abuse have persisted for decades; on the other hand, he has long subverted Hong Kong society, deluding the public with vulgar news reports and stirring up the unrest with alarmist talk. On August 18, 2019, he wrote in his newspaper, the Apple Daily: “Yes! Trump has finally endorsed our protest movement… [he] linked our protest movement to the Sino-US trade negotiations.” Again, he publicly demonstrated his desire to split the nation.



Drug trafficking


There have been rumors about Jimmy Lai’s drug-related activities all the time. You can find so many articles about him being involved in drugs via any search engine. It is generally believed that in the late 1960s, Lai started working in the drug industry. Good at flattery, he soon “grew” to be a “drug dealer” in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, being responsible for the distribution of drugs. That year, he was just 20 years old.


An insider said that two years later, Jimmy Lai, a fully-fledged drug dealer, had become a multinational drug trafficker and began to purchase drugs from the Golden Triangle and secretly transported them to the Southeast Asia for sale. Then he started drug manufacturing in Thailand.


Drug manufacturing and trafficking are crimes all over the world, and Jimmy Lai won’t admit his leading role involvement in it, though he openly admitted he took drugs. In his column in the No. 989 issue of Next magazine on February 19, 2009, he revealed that he had taken pills and marijuana in college.


Lai likes to hold “marijuana parties” in luxury houses in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, New York and Taiwan. On February 1, 2001, he fell down from the stairs of his residence in Yangming Villa, Taiwan, and even lost his front teeth. There was a lot of talks about this strange thing, but he argued that it was because he was too fat. However, insiders revealed that it was because he took too many drugs.



Demolishing Hong Kong



In the early 1990s, Jimmy founded Next Magazine and Apple Daily in succession.


At the beginning of the 21st century, with the rampant underground gambling and the keen demand for lottery newspapers, Jimmy saw that it was lucrative. Therefore since 2003, he set up a company to use the Apple Daily printing plant to produce lottery newspapers, including “Creating Wealth” and “King of the Gambling”.


Jimmy later incorporated gang member Pan Yaotai. Pan has been engaged in drug trafficking for a long time. In December 1993, he was arrested while smuggling drugs in North America and was sentenced to seven years in prison. After his release from prison, Pan returned to Hong Kong and got to know Jimmy. Pan used his drug smuggling “skills” to carry out smuggling activities, smuggling not only lottery newspapers, but also illegal cigarettes, drugs, firearms, and so on, and even helping illegal migrants to sneak out of the country.


In recent years, a series of demonstrations and violent attacks have threatened Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability. But the outside world is puzzled that the opposition has always been backed up by steady supplies. Various signs show that Jimmy was the master brain, the found provider, and the commander-in-chief who repeatedly planned the riots in Hong Kong.


On public occasions, Jimmy would certainly call “freedom of the press” and “freedom of speech.” He once shouted, “Once the amendment is passed, it will be a ‘massacre of freedom of the press’.” However, backstage, he has done his utmost to ignite rumors and trouble. Over the years, the Apple Daily has repeatedly incited Hong Kong people to hate mainland tourists, provoked a number of cases of maiming of mainland tourists.


In the early summer of 2014, Benny Tai, Chu Yiu-ming and Chan Kin-man initiated the so-called “Occupy Central” movement. Unexpectedly, a few months later, the outside world found that Jimmy was actually the donor and trader behind the three people.




Jimmy’s “media empire” also advertised for the “Occupy Central” free of charge and even funded the opposition in other media advertising. Speaking of this story, it is necessary to mention the incident in which Fan Keqin, a former spokesman for the “anti-Chen Shuibian movement” in Taiwan of People’s Republic of China, once denounced Jimmy as “duplicitous”. This incident clearly shows what kind of person Lai really is.


In October 2013, on the eve of secretly plotting the “Occupy Central” movement, Jimmy met secretly with Fan Keqin and Shi Mingde, the commander-in-chief of Taiwan’s “red shirts”, and asked about the experience of making a riot. Chu Yiu-ming and others were with him. At that meeting, Jimmy said he was worried that the plot was being eavesdropped. He demanded people present to hand over their mobile phones. However, to the consternation of the people on the scene, the content of the conversation was leaked, and the source of the leak was Jimmy himself. It turned out that before he asked the participants to surrender their mobile phones, he had arranged to secretly install recording equipment in the restaurant, and later, due to poor custody, it was leaked and we know now it was him.



Since February 2019, Apple Daily has tried its best to glorify violence in its “anti-extradition law amendments” report, not only asking Hong Kong people to take to the streets in succession, but also sending people directly to participate in the March. On June 6, 2019, Jimmy himself also appeared in the parade, pulling banners and shouting slogans at the head of the team. On June 8, Apple Daily sent people to Victoria Park to distribute 7500 yellow umbrellas with the newspaper’s logo and related slogans.


Jimmy and his organization’s various acts of disorder in Hong Kong society have aroused public indignation. On August 16, 2019, outside his residence in Kowloon City, Hong Kong, dozens of people who love Hong Kong pulled up banners and shouted “Down with Jimmy Lai Chee-Ying, the American stooge”. “He misled children, beat reporters, instigated trouble, Jimmy Lai is the root cause of the scourge of Hong Kong!” People on the scene denounced Lai as a “modern traitors”.


Demolishing the Nation


Why did Jimmy Lai, who made his fortune in Hong Kong, persist in his own way and continue to wreak havoc on Hong Kong? Perhaps one of the important reasons is “selling Hong Kong for his own interests through anti-amendment legislation”.


Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao noted that during the chaotic situation of Hong Kong, the stocks of Next Digital and other companies owned by Jimmy Lai always out-performed , their stock prices even surged overnight. Behind this unreasonable phenomenon, it is believed that there is a secret of selling Hong Kong, and there is a strong international undercurrent supporting the “Hong Kong independence” forces.


It is also discovered that on the eve of any unrest in Hong Kong, Jimmy Lai usually secretly visited celebrities in the United States. On the eve of Occupy Central Movement in 2014, he secretly went to the United States to meet with former US Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz. In the following “Hammer Out” program, Jimmy said in a clumsy denial resulting in self-exposure, that he met with Wolfowitz, a good friend, to chat about old times. Since February 2019, Apple Daily has been glorifying violence in its anti-amendment reports, abetting people how to deal with police and carry out the so-called “effective protests”.



In July 2019, on the eve of a new round of riots in Hong Kong, Jimmy made intensive visits to US dignitaries, including Vice President Mike Pence, State Secretary Michael Pompeo, National Security Assistant John Bolton, and Republican Senators Rafael Cruz, Cory Gardber and Tim Scott. He asked the US government to interfere in China’s internal affairs and threatened that the United States should impose sanctions on Hong Kong SAR and the Chinese Mainland officials, their children, families and property, for the officials participated in the “suppression” operation. On July 9, at a meeting of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy in the United States, Jimmy even presented himself as a “demolisher” of the nation. He said that the people of Hong Kong, together with the United States, were fighting a war of values against China. He even begged, “We are sacrificing our freedom, our lives and everything we have to stand on the front line fighting for you. Shouldn’t you support us?”


Jimmy Lai is in a meeting with US Vice President Pence (R)

Over the years, Jimmy has made every effort to use the young people as “political fuel” to please powers from Britain and the United States. Out of his own interests, he is willing to serve as a political tool for foreign forces to oppose China and interfere in Hong Kong. A few days ago, some extreme opposition factions made a scene at the Hong Kong airport, which was condemned by foreign media. However, Apple Daily spoke for the mobs. Lu Rui’an, deputy to the National People’s Congress of Hong Kong and vice chairman of China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Ltd., pointed out that the violence is intensifying, and the delusion and misleading of Apple Daily is the culprit, and the newspaper has no media integrity and sense of responsibility, which is simply the initiator of destroying the media ecology.


Jimmy has been a major political donor to the pan-democratic political parties in Hong Kong. According to nearly 1,000 emails that have been exposed, he has “generously donated” more than HK$40 million to opposition political parties and parliament members. “Foxy Leaks” also disclosed that Jimmy and his organization are big money owners of the opposition faction. Over the past five years, his political donations have been distributed as follows: the Civic Democratic Party HK$14.56 million, Zen Ze-Kiun HK$20 million, the Democratic Party HK$13.69 million, Anson Maria Elizabeth Chan Fang On Sang HK$1.3 million, and the League of Social Democrats HK$1 million. A media organization’s political donations are so huge that they go beyond the traditional role of the mass media, which is very abnormal. The Pro-Establishment Camp has been criticizing it, even accusing him of “black money”.


Behind the riots in Hong Kong are some powers from Western countries. In March 2019, on the eve of the riots, some Hong Kong opposition parliamentarians have been invited to the United States for “exchange and discussion”. On July 13, special agents of the United States Central Intelligence Agency were exposed in the crowd of demonstrators. On July 21, Steuri, director of a US “Kapok Tree Company”, disclosed that Jimmy received a funding of US $200 million from the US government, which was allocated through the “National Endowment for Democracy”.


Behind the chaos are secrets. In his early years, Jimmy hired former CIA agent Mark Simon as his assistant. There is even a saying that Jimmy Lai was developed by Mark as “offline”. To the outside world, Mark is more like Jimmy Lai’s “informant”. Lai’s contacts with the United States, including providing “political donations” to American politicians, are inseparable from Mark’s help. Since 2008, Jimmy Lai has donated money at least three times to the Republican candidate John McCain, hoping to consolidate his position as an “agent of Britain and the United States” in Hong Kong.


The second marriage also brought Jimmy the capital to “demolish” the nation. His second wife, Li Yunqin, was the sister of the wife of Yang Sen, former vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party. It was under Yang Sen’s recommendation that Jimmy Lai met Martin Lee, chairman of the Democratic Party of Hong Kong, who in turn introduced Jimmy Lai to Christopher Francis Patten, the then governor of Hong Kong. Since then, Lee and Lai, “one government official, one businessman”, have gradually become the spokesman of the interests of the powers of United States and Britain. At present, seven out of eight members of Lai’s family, apart from underage children, all hold British passports. While Hong Kong is in chaos, they can leave any time.


Today, Jimmy , who has completely fallen to the United States and Britain and has long been a political hatchet man, has been called a “national scum” by the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Hong Kong citizens unfurled huge banners, denouncing him as “an American running dog” and “a general planner to destroy and disrupt Hong Kong”.


However, not many people realize that Jimmy Lai’s father was a true “national scum”. His father maybe the root cause of his role as the “demolisher” of the nation.

In the 1940s, his father was a well-known local traitor who worked for the Japanese invaders many times. With bloods of anti-Japanese people on his hands, his father won the appreciation of the Japanese army. After liberation, Lai’s father worried that he would be put in jail because of his betrayal against his own country. When Lai was 7 years old, his father abandoned his mother and him, and fled to Hong Kong. This miserable childhood experience made him full of hatred.



Lai’s “demolition” nature was strongly accused by Hong Kong society and his clans. On the afternoon of November 12, 2014, he was splashed with excrement and urine, pig viscera and other filth on the streets of Admiralty for supporting “Occupy Central”. The headquarters of “Next Digital” has also been attacked by incendiary bombs many times. In the early morning of January 12, 2015, Jimmy Lai’s apartment was attacked by a Molotov cocktail. On August 16, 2019, his clan relatives of Shunde Lai Clan announced that he would be excluded from the genealogy. The statement said:


“Today Lai’s rebellious son Jimmy Lai Chee-Ying, caused chaos in Hong Kong, China, which is a shame on Lai family. Therefore, we open the ancestral hall, make sacrifices to ancestors, and exclude him from the genealogy. Ever since this moment, what Jimmy Lai do will have nothing to do with Lai clan in Shunde.”


Having turned against his ancestors, his own country, his family, and himself, Jimmy Lai will demolish himself in the end.