Quattro Caffe, a well-known Italian restaurant in Southern California, providing Menu in Chinese

On Friday, August 23,  “Interview with Zhou Zheng”, “Zhou Zheng Art Channel”, Hollywood celebrities Alamy, Wenn and Coverimages went to the South Coast Plaza of Costa Mesa. The famous Italian restaurant, Quattro Caffe (Q4 Caffe).

Zhou Zheng, the well-known bilingual host of Southern California, interviewed Antonio Cagnolo, the founder of Quattro Caffe. with the platform of Zhou Zheng Art Channel, The famous Chef Antonio Cagnolo has demonstrated the culinary arts to Clinton, Bush, Kobe, Schwarzenegger, Styron. during the interview, Zhou Zheng and Antonio Cagnolo  talked for extensive and interesting exchanges on the internationalization of catering.

“Zhou Zheng Art Channel” specially invited famous fashion models, Julie Shen, founder of JMK Model School, to host the live broadcast.

With the internationalization of South Coast Plaza customers, the largest shopping mall in the United States, there are more and more Chinese people visit Quattro Caffe. Therefore, Q4 Caffe not only made some improvements in dishes and services, but also added Chinese menu. It is convenient for Chinese guests who do not read English.

The live interview was conducted in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. Zhou Zheng also interviewed Chinese guests who were eating. They told Zhou Zheng that they had come to Q4 Caffe1 for 15 years. And always feel that there are the most authentic Italian wines and delicacies.

Zhou Zheng and Julie Shen were also invited by the host Antonio to go to the Antonello Espresso Cafe next door. This small coffee shop surrounded by famous brand stores is also a place where countless celebrities visit. Zhou Zheng also interacted with the guests on the spot.

“Q4 Caffe has been serving the guests for more than 20 years. In addition to providing authentic Italian traditional cuisine to the guests, it also offers a wide range of dishes from salads to Italian dishes, such as burgers, Italian lobster noodles and seafood, to international visitors from all over the world. The entrance bar also offers a wide range of Italian-based drinks, especially the Hello Kitty, which is exclusively represented by Q4 Caffe.

This interview not only witnessed the cooking methods of various dishes, but also interviewed the responsible chefs, and had extensive exchanges with Qattro Caffe’s general manager Dimenico Grillo and Antonello Espresso Cafe’s general manager Joseph. Q4 Caffe’s Dimenico general manager suggested that in September Q4 Caffe and Beverly Art, JMK Model School hold an “Italian Cooking and Modeling” viewing event here. Zhou Zheng suggested that it is best to make this event a charity event for everyone.

Photo by: Sheri Determan