Hosted by CUAAASC, the 18th SongZhuMei Picnic will be held in October

The 18th SongZhuMei picnic, hosted by the Chinese University Alumni Association Alliance of Southern California (CUAAASC),  will be held on October 13th (Sunday) at Whittier Narrows Recreation Park in South El Monte. The year’s more than 1,000-person large-scale outdoor event is sponsored by HuHui Caifu Investment, and is co-organized by Peking University Southern California Alumni Association, Sun Yat-Sen University Southern California Alumni Association, and Dalian University of Technology Southern California Alumni Association.

On the afternoon of August 25th, the 18th Songzhumei Picnic Organizing Committee held the second preparatory meeting and press conference in the conference room of HuHui Caifu in city of Diamond Bar.  The conference was hosted by the CUAAASC Secretary-General, Vice Chairman of the conference, Xu Zengbin, also the President of the Southern California Alumni Association of Dalian University of Technology, 

Qiu Shaohuai, president of the CUAAASC, chairman of the event, and president of the Los Angeles Alumni Association of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, said that the Songzhumei picnic began in 2002 and was jointly sponsored by the Southern California Alumni Association of Peking University, Tsinghua University and Jiaotong University. It has been the 18th since it has been a major event in the Southern California Chinese community.

It was hosted by the CUAAASC in 2017 and has grown a lot. Last year, the number of participants reached 1,200. This year’s picnic will be even more grand. There will be 59 alumni associations, and the number of participants is expected to reach a new high. The organizing committee has formed 20 project teams to actively carry out preparatory work. The team leaders come from various alumni associations and alliance executive committees. And the Alliance members alumni association, there will be more than 100 volunteers from various alumni associations and societies to participate in the work.

The picnic will mainly consist of opening ceremony, admission, volleyball competition, tug-of-war competition, cultural performances, children’s paradise, fun sports games, etc., and this year’s SongZhuMei picnic will have many content innovations, adding to the single alumni. The red ribbon networking event to increase singles networking opportunities, the singing competition for singing enthusiasts, the graphic promotion competition for the participation of various alumni associations, and the addition of more entertaining and fun activities in the fun games. The Songzhumei picnic party played the talents, wisdom and enthusiasm of each alumni association to jointly organize a large-scale outdoor networking exchange event that all Nanjia alumni and Chinese people like. Thanks to the sponsors, thank you for your unselfish organizers and volunteers.

Qiu Shaohuai said that this year’s event will focus on attracting young alumni. The special red ribbon event is at the entrance. If the participant is single and agrees to tie a red ribbon on the left wrist, it will increase the interaction between the single alumni. Activities will also be open to the community, not limited to members of the Alumni Association.

Xu Lei, executive chairman of the event and president of Southern California Alumni Association of Peking University, said that she is very pleased that Peking University has joined hands with Dalian University of Technology and Sun Yat-sen University to host this year’s Songzhumei Picnic. At that time, nearly 60 alumni association alumni will come to participate. Everyone can enhance exchanges and friendship through this annual 1000-person event. Our 20 working groups of Songzhumei have been established. Now the working groups are carrying out preparatory work intensively. We will unite our wisdom, resources and strength, work together, and work together to make this year’s Songzhumei work together. Thank you all for your support and thanks to the team leaders, staff and volunteers of our 20 working groups. Thanks to all the alumni who have given us support, alumni family members and friends. 

Xu Zengbin, vice chairman of the event and president of the Southern California Alumni Association of Dalian University of Technology, said that our Southern California Alumni Association is very honored to join the Sangzhumei Picnic. In the past three sessions of the ongzhumei picnic, our alumni have made a lot of friends by participating in the preparations and activities, learned a lot of things, and exercised our ability to serve the Chinese community. This year is a better for our alumni association. For the excellent opportunity to serve the Songzhumei picnic and alliance activities, we are mainly responsible for the design of the hosting process of the ongzhumei picnic, registration and assistance to the Volunteer of the Union Volunteer and volunteer arrangements for the day. Volunteer work is very important. Our own activities are managed by our own voluntary dedication. Encourage everyone to take a moment to register with our volunteer team.

Sun Jun, vice chairman of the event and president of the Southern California Alumni Association of Sun Yat-Sen University, said that he is very pleased that the Alumni Association can participate in this famous large-scale event in Southern California. The Alumni Association is responsible for many working groups. We are very happy. I can work hard with the alumni associations to make this event even better and more popular.

Zhang Ming, vice president of the alliance, vice chairman of the event, and president of the Southern California Alumni Association of Xi’an Jiaotong University, said that the Alumni League of the five universities will participate in this year’s Songzhumei picnic, this time mainly responsible for the organization planning of the fun games, we have added More entertaining and fun, such as the addition of the recently-launched “Tear of Brands” and the hybrid relay race (this new project, the wheelbarrow race + “You are my baby” race (Egg and Spoon Races) ) + Penguin Strolling Relay Relay), I hope more alumni come to play.

George Yang, executive vice president of HuHui Caifu Investment, said that as the first insurance brand in the South CCalifornia Chinese community, it is proud to be able to sponsor the thousands of college alumni  event. Large-scale activities of people are also an expression of our company’s giving back to the community. Our business is closely related to every family. We hope to know more friends and provide professional and honest services to more friends.

The Picnic organizing committee will issue the registration method for the event in the near future. Please pay attention to the WeChat public number of the alliance: the Southern California College Alumni Association Alliance and the Alliance website: Welcome to the affiliates of the Alumni Association, non-member alumni, and friends of the Alliance. Our participation!

In addition, this may be the largest Chinese event in Southern California. The event is actively recruiting sponsors. Please open the link to help Chinese community activities and promote corporate brands. A total of glory!