Directed by senior Hollywood director Documentary “Chasing The Dreams” released in Los Angeles

Directed by Hollywood senior director and president of the American International Documentary Film Creation Association, Harrison Engle, the founding president of the Chinese American Cultural Exchange Association, Susan Shu Wang and executive president Zhou Yanyu served as the filmmaker’s documentary film “Chasing The Dream”. On September 20th, a press conference was held in Beverly Hills, the deputy consul general of China in Los Angeles, Dai Shuangming and deputy director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Consulate General, Zhou Yongmei, former California Rep. Wu Guoqing, Asian World Film Festival President Georges N. Chamchoum and Hollywood famous veteran. Rick Markovitz, president of the publishing company WMC, attended the event.

Harrison Engle stressed that although this film records the story of Chinese immigration to the United States, the United States is an immigrant country with too many immigrants from different countries, and Chinese immigrants struggle hard, succeed, and contribute to the United States. It is a model for immigrant communities. He believes that the success story of Chinese immigrants will affect other ethnic communities, which is another important significance of this film.

Dai Shuangming said that he has seen this documentary, which is a very worthy documentary. The film records the stories of old, middle, young and young generations of Chinese immigrants spreading Chinese culture and self-improvement in the United States. It should be said that this film is a rare “autobiography” of the Chinese community. The United States is a multicultural country. As Chinese and Chinese, it is necessary to maintain some characteristics of the nation and spread the culture of the nation.

Dai Shuangming said that the characters in the documentary and the documentary itself are doing things that spread Chinese culture. Every Chinese is also a messenger of culture. The Chinese community has a lot of things in this area, doing more practical things, promoting the positive energy of the Chinese community, and introducing the stories of Chinese people in this aspect to the mainstream society and other ethnic groups. The documentary is also doing things to promote Sino-US relations. He pays tribute to the production team and those who contributed to the film, and congratulates the film on schedule.

Actor Peter Coyote wrote in his congratutory letter:  I was delighted to be able to lend my narrative voice to this important film, illuminating the stories of today’s Chinese immigrants building creative and rewarding lives in the United States.  Particularly in such difficult times, it is important to remember the many contributions immigrants from all nations have made to our country, including my own grandparents.  The individuals profiled in your film demonstrate vividly that through enterprise and perseverance they have brought positive values and important cultural experiences that enrich American life.

The conference was hosted by the film’s co-producer, famous host Joey Zhou (Left )and Hollywood actor/TV host Berry Aktug (Right).

Photo by Sherri Determan