Shuang Wu: In memory of Zu-Wei

Chinese Author: Shuang Wu (Editor, Higher Education Press): Translator: King-Kok Cheung (Professor of UCLA)


Sadly gazing at the Mid-autumn moon (Sima Guang)

Missing you my spirit wanes (Wang Zhidao)

Your lineage uneclipsed waxes (Cai Kan)

Your illustrious name shines our way (Li Shunchen)


Translator’s note:

The initial characters of the four Chinese lines are identical to the last four characters in the title: Remembering with sadness Zu-Wei (DWL’s Chinese first name). Unable to duplicate Wu Shuang’s acute wordplay, I merely end the last 3 lines with a “w” word and the last line with “way,” a homonym of “Wei.” Thank you, Russ Leong, for tinkering with the poetics.