China-US Co-pros On Hold While Asian Themes In

( Los Angeles 11/19/2019 ) – When AFM is in full swing, a unique and fascinating anti-poaching Chinese film entitled “When Africa Meets You,” shot entirely in Africa had its premiere in LA. Yan Cui, the director/producer and her main cast and crew Yihao Miao (Male Actor), Dong Zhang (PR director), Kenny Wood (composer) attended the screening at the Regal Edwards Cinema Alhambra.

The film, executive produced by Wendy Wan of Shenzhen Bigwill Culture Media, was well received by the American audience who thanked the director for making such a beautiful and emotional film about Chinese people, who have joined the Anti-poaching fight with the world in Africa, and they couldn’t wait to jump on the plane to experience Africa on their own in the near future.


Yan Cui, a Chinese American filmmaker from LA with strong background between China and US, has directed and produced 4 Chinese features in the past few years, trying hard to bridge Hollywood and China by telling stories with universal themes. But thanks for Trump’s trade war, many China-US co-productions have been on hold since early this year. As a regular panelist on China-US Entertainment Round Table at annual Digital Hollywood, Yan felt sad to see the interests in China-US collaboration to be fading and people were worried about how long the holdup would last.

Meanwhile, thanking for the huge success of “Crazy Rich Asians”, the Asian heat wave has been high in Hollywood. Along with the other Chinese filmmakers, Yan decides to come back to LA and bring to the big screen her romantic comedy “A Moon For Two,” about a Chinese single mom who would do anything for her little girl and alternately, she finds the love of her dream. 


Yan is in talk with Red Sea Media, a foreign sales company in LA for worldwide distribution for her latest film “When Africa Meets You.”