Stanford Summer Research Internship: App Due Jan 20th

The Stanford Center for Asian Health Research and Education (Stanford CARE) is offering an 8-week summer research internship in Data Science, Vulnerable Populations, AI, and Medical Technology – with a focus on Asian Health.

What can AIRES do for you? AIRES is more than just another extracurricular at UCLA. Our society hopes to impact the field of AI Ethics beyond our campus and our community, and we understand that this starts with you. We are happy to promote academic and professional development opportunities for our members and this is because of our simple philosophy. Stanford reached out to AIRES about this amazing internship opportunity for our members, and we believe real impact begins with an effort to make our people happy and to see our people succeed.

More information about the internship at Stanford:

Eligibility: US and International college, post-bac, and masters level students. (Capable undergrads who are genuinely interested in the program are encouraged to apply!!!)

Start Date: June 19th, 2020

Applications due: January 20th (US Students) or December 30th (international students).

Apply here.

Overview:   This exceptional program leverages the unique aspects of Stanford’s world-class research, technology, and medical infrastructure, to train learners to become superb population science researchers.  By the end of the program, learners will utilize tools to conduct large database analysis, understand core concepts in AI-related health care research, identify problems/solutions in vulnerable populations, learn writing/presentation skills and effectively engage with technologists, entrepreneurs, non-profits and population science researchers. Throughout the summer, learners will participate in ongoing seminars on Asian Health, medical technology, AI, medical research, vulnerable populations, and global health, with Stanford faculty and visiting faculty.

If you have additional questions for us, please feel free to reach out at