The Top 10 News of Southern California Chinese Orgnizations

On December 20th, the result of  “2016 Top 10 News of Southern California Chinese Club” is published by Chinese American NGO Seminar, North America HuaWen New media Center, All America Chinese Youth Federation, The Los Angeles Post, etc.

The result is based on poll, influence level and the searching ranking. It has been 8 years that those organization participating in selection. But it is the first time that English press got involved. The result is published in both Chinese and English.

From the selection result, 2016 Southern California Chinese Clubs has showed a different face. New generation Clubs has been making some changes on public welfare, building innovation environment, creating Chinese community platform, improving speaking right and Chinese culture heritage. The way that Chinese Club participated has been changed.


Based on chronological order, 2016 Top 10 News of Southern California Chinese Club are:


  1. The 1st Southern California Chinese entrepreneurship award ceremony hold by PlusYoou and associated organization is taking place on Jan. 31st afternoon in Pasadena. It attracted about six hundred outstanding youths. The award ceremony is encouraging youth to start their own business and share their experience and knowledge about entrepreneurship. It is called the most influencing and the biggest award ceremony in Southern California Chinese Entrepreneurship.
  2. The “Song Mountain Shaolin Temple Day” hold by American Shaolin Temple Culture Center and associated organizations is taking place on Mar. 19th afternoon in Zhongshan Plaza, China Town, Los Angeles. It was divided into zen, martial arts, medicine, art and food sections. It attracted people from all over the place, this celebration brings about ten thousand people to China Town. It made front-page headlines in the Los Angeles Post, California section. The interview of Shi Master from American Shaolin Temple Culture Center is also included in the news. This the first time that The Los Angeles Post made a positive report for Chinese community in these years.
  3. The International Ball hold by HKSA from USC, UCLA, UCI and UCSD is taking place on Apr. 30th night in Hollywood. It is supported by 31 International Student Union, including Chinese Student Union, Taiwanese Student Union, HongKong Student union, Korean Student Union and Indonesian Student union. It is the biggest International student ball in Southern California.
  4. AACYF with other well-known Chinese community organizations released joint proposal on July, 13, 2016 which advise  using local languages for anti-South China Sea Arbitration declarations.
  5. On Aug. 19th, the workshop hold by Chinese professors and Chinese Student Scholars Association from Loyola Marymount University is taking place in La Harbra. It comes up with the idea about improving the academic and educational exchange between universities of China and United States. Gathering all the Chinese scholars in the United States, building up Chinese Scholars Section and improving the influence of Chinese scholars in the American academic field. This is the first time that Chinese academic groups bring their vision planning on the stage.
  6. On Sep. 28th, The first Chinese Nonprofit Startup Forum is taking place in Los Angeles. It is hold by PlusYoou, LEAP, Mara Wildlife Conservation Volunteers Foundation, American Habitat Catcher Foundation, All American Chinese Youth Federation, “Stands Up Again” Nonprofit program and Shenzhen Catcher Natural Wild Conservation Development study Center, etc. It aims at encouraging Chinese people from all over the world putting themselves into public welfare, in order to improving the impression of Chinese. It is the first public welfare forum hold by Chinese Clubs in the United States.
  7. The Orange Club, All America Chinese Youth Federation and Chinese American Association for Public Diplomacy and some other ethnic Chinses local political organization are providing the most direct and effective support for candidates who is willing to defend legal rights of ethnic Chinese and speak for those people. They gathered a lot of volunteers up to attend the election campaign during weekends, including asking for votes through phone call, writing postcards and visiting voter families.
  8. There was a event holding by the SoGal Los Angeles branch on 8th October. The Branch launched by Chinese students. A dozen international online celebrities who has hundreds of millions fans and the elites in different industries were invited joining this event, they shared experience and opinion and answer the questions about young people. The content of this event included advantage of entrepreneurial in Los Angeles, the entertainment industry, new media and multicultural. It brings more ideas for young people entrepreneurial. The event is uniquely a professional activity to help and promote young females business in Los Angeles.
  9. The American Southern California overseas Chinese community organized ‘Sun Yat-sen with young people and student abroad’ seminar for Sun Yat-sen 150th birthday anniversary. It reveals the relationship between him and the youth, and encourages American Chinese youth and student abroad to improve their social responsibility. It comes up with the way of creative community, structure of club organization. The innovative thinking pushed the way Chinese community shift into a better form and it is suitable to the New Age.

10. The SoCal Elites Connect hold by USCCSSA is taking place on Nov. 18th night at City Club in Los Angeles. The elites and student abroad were invited to share their experience and thoughts. It encourages them to face the society positively, build their confidence and establish the sense of mission and responsibility. Almost 30 celebrities and 150 Chinese overseas student from Southern California universities participated in this event. It is the first time that Chinese Club and overseas student club holding a exchange event in City Club.

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