Artist Qian Wu was selected into the list of “2020 Top Ten Outstanding Young Chinese”

Los Angeles, CA (May 6th, 2020 ) – The 13th “Top 10 Outstanding Young Americans in China” jointly sponsored by the All America Chinese Youth Federation, the American Chinese Public Diplomacy Association, and the  “LAPost” was officially announced in Los Angeles on May 4. The theme of this year’s selection is: “Looking forward to the new decade”. It is hoped that the selection will bring upward strength to the Chinese youth in the United States and try the infinite possibilities in the next ten years. In recent years, the winners include Cao Yuan, a renowned international technologist, and Nathan Chen, the world champion of figure skating.

The organizer specially added the “National Outstanding Chinese Youth Group Award” this year, which was awarded to “National Young Chinese Medical Workers”; and “Chinese Association of Chinese Students and Scholars (CSSA)” in American universities. The organizer said that the Chinese medical staff who were struggling to rescue the “new crown virus” patients showed their fearless spirit and excellent professional standards; the Chinese Students and Scholars Associations of universities in the United States organized international students to support the domestic “, And during the closure of the university campus, when providing various services to students, demonstrated team leadership and the cohesion of the fraternity.

Artist Qian Wu

Born in Xiamen, China, Qian Wu learned to paint from a young age. When he was in primary school, he won numerous awards for young artists at the city, provincial, and national levels, including the 4th National Competition in Painting and Calligraphy for Primary and Secondary School Students. Some of his childhood paintings have been collected by the Yan Huang Art Museum and Suining Art Museum among others. In 2008, Qian Wu went to study in the United States, graduating respectively from the Washington Academy, the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University, and the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University with a major in art history. From 2011 to 2016, he studied at the Art Students League of New York. Currently, he lives and works as an artist in New York City and Xiamen.

While studying in the United States, Qian Wu taught traditional Chinese culture and art as a volunteer at many organizations, including the United Nations, the Confucian Institute, Chinese American Center for Education and Culture, and more than a dozen schools and colleges in the United States. From 2011 on, Qian Wu has been painting with acrylic and mixed materials on cloth with the aim to express the cultural consciousness of “East Meeting West” and the spiritual essence of ink wash painting, in keeping with the Eastern aesthetic principles. In 2012, Qian Wu was invited to participate, along with Jeff Koons and other famous artists, in a group exhibition sponsored by the Waterkeeper Alliance, which was founded by the Kennedy family. His solo exhibitions include “Attainment through Formlessness— The Solo Exhibition of Qian Wu’s Recent Works” at Xiamen Powerlong Art Center in 2019, “Wandering in the Crossroads—The Exhibition of Qian Wu’s Recent Works” at Elga Wimmer PCC in New York City in 2019, and “The First Solo Exhibition of Qian Wu’s Artworks” at Gallery 456 in New York City in 2016. “The Chivalrous”, a recent artwork of comprehensive materials, was selected to participate in The 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts – Paintings with Comprehensive Materials Art Exhibition in 2019.

“Wandering in the Crossroads—The Exhibition of Qian Wu’s Recent Works” at Elga Wimmer PCC in New York City in 2019

During the epidemic this year, Qian Wu donated the work “2020-2 Mountains and Rivers Common Territory” (100 X 75 CM) to participate in “Sincerity-China Guardian Network Public Welfare Auction”, with a transaction of 33,000 yuan, all donated through the “Dongrun Charity Foundation” To the “outstanding contribution to fight against the epidemic, and to provide special funds for the protection of health care personnel and children’s education”, we sincerely help the medical staff at the front line of epidemic prevention and control to solve practical difficulties, and provide a copy to the medical workers who are willing to dedicate and dare to rush to the front line of rescue A solid guarantee to protect their families.

Ren Xiangdong, president of the All-China Youth Federation of America, said that Qian Wu has a profound knowledge of traditional Chinese culture. In the past ten years of studying in the United States, he collided with the post-war abstract art of the United States to create. His two solo exhibitions in New York had a broad influence on the Chinese community in the United States. As a bridge between Chinese and American cultural exchanges, Qian Wu is a rising star of Chinese art. 

“The First Solo Exhibition of Qian Wu’s Artworks” at Gallery 456 in New York City in 2016

The ten outstanding Chinese youths selected in this year’s selection are widely representative. The jury said that the winners were outstanding representatives of millions of Chinese youth and international students in the United States. Their hard work and hard work growth experience will surely become a reference and motivation for encouraging young friends to move forward. Their character and achievements demonstrate the outstanding characteristics of contemporary Chinese young leaders and the pillars of future society.

“Top 10 Outstanding Chinese Youth in the United States” is the first cross-regional outstanding Chinese awards selection event in the United States. It has become the most popular selection event from the Chinese community in the United States during the Asian-Pacific Traditional Month of the United States each year. American society has demonstrated the outstanding style and brand-new image of a new generation of Chinese. The selection activity is co-sponsored by the Chinese Youth Association of the United States, the American Chinese Public Diplomacy Promotion Association, the Los Angeles Post in English, the National Committee for Outstanding Entrepreneurs of Chinese Americans under 30, the North American International Students Foundation, and other institutions. Co-organized by Shenzhen Youth Federation, American Muse College of Art, Meihua International Youth Chamber of Commerce and other institutions.