Matthew Pottinger attended The US-China Strong Foundation 2017 Annual Reception in DC

Senior Director for Asian Affairs of National Security Council Mr. Matthew Pottinger attended The US-China Strong Foundation 2017 annual reception in DC May, 23rd.

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Form left; Florence Fang, Matthew Pottinger, George Lee

He just came back from leading a delegation to China’s Belt and Road summit.

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Mr. George Lee, chairman of The US-China Strong Foundation and the most well known Chinese American activist Mrs. Florence Fang welcomed Mr. Matthew Pottinger.

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Matthew Pottinger told George and Mrs. Florence Fang that administration is very interested about The US-China Strong Foundation.

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The US-China Strong Foundation is a global nonprofit that leads a national movement to ensure the next generation of US leaders is equipped to engage effectively with China: a global strategic power, the second largest economy in the world and America’s fastest growing trade partner.

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