AACYF 30 under 30 selected leaders for future

U.S Representative, Chairman of the House Foreign Affair Committee, Hon.  Ed Royce and Los Angeles county Supervisor Hon. Kathryn Barger with all other supervisors signed on congratulation letters and certificates to “AACYF 2017 30 under 30”  all recipients during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

All America Chinese Youth Federation (AACYF) started holding 30 under 30 selection for Chinese American from this year, 30 excellent young professional and start up entrepreneurs, innovators and game changers were selected from about 700 candidates, the award is broadly recognized as most influence and valuable recognition for Chinese young start up entrepreneurs and professionals in the states.

The selection is 1st time this kind of award focusing on oversea Chinese young generation worldwide.

30 young future leaders from east coast to west coast on different industries, some are still universities students.

Congressman Ed Royce expressed congratulation to all recipients: “This high distinction is a tribute to your hard works and commitment to leaving a lasting impact in your industry. ”

“This 30 under 30 group has taken your respective industries to new heights. I commend you on the courage it takes to push forth in new directions. I know that your efforts in this respect were not without adversity, but your perseverance and devotion to your fields has served you well and provide you with vital skills that will undoubtedly be advantageous in all of your future endeavors. ”

Los Angeles county supervisor Hon. Kathryn Barger led with  Ret. Congresswoman Janice Hahn, Ret. United States Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis and other supervisors signed together on county congratulation certificate.

This year’s Outstanding Startup Entrepreneur Award presented to Mr. Xiao Liu co-founder of Doctor Glasses which just listed on Shenzhen Stock market earlier this year.

Three of this year’s recipient were listed into Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia after.

30 Recipient name list below:

Mr. Yutong Gao (Co-founder of EasyTransfer)

30 under 30 Yutong Gao

Mr. JingYuan Wang (NewDo Venture)


Ms. Lu Zhang (Co-founder of NewGen Capital)

30 under 30 2017 Lu Zhang

Mr. Zeyu Zheng (Founder of VStarOne)

30 under 30 2017 ZeYu Zheng

Mr. You Zhou (Founder of Yamibuy)

30 under 30 2017 You Zhou

Mr. Yubo Ruan (Founder of Alisimba)

30 under 30 2017 Yubo Ruan (2)

Mr. Chen Tang (Actor, Hollywood)

30 under 30 2017 Chen Tang

Ms. ChenChen Sun (Co-founder SoGal-Los Angeles)

30 under 30 2017 ChenChen Sun

Ms. ChenChen Zhang (Co-founder of PlusYoou)

30 under 30 2017 ChenChen Zhang

Mr. Chen Zhao (Co-founder of E3 Capital)

30 under 30 2017 Chen Zhao

Ms. Yiqing Sun (Founder of SoGal Ventures)

30 under 30 2017 Pocket Sun

Ms. Du Chen (Founder of Amaxy )

30 under 30 2017 Du Chen

Mr. Tean Du (Founder of AnyoneHelps)

30 under 30 2017 Tian Du

Ms. JingZhu Yang (Founder of AmeriChina Group)

30 under 30 2017 Jingzhu Yang (group)

Mr. Jiake Liu (Founder of ProspectWise)

30 under 30 2017 Jiake Liu

Mr. Yang Deng (Founder of FYPO)

30 under 30 2017 Yang Deng

Ms. Yi Li (Founder of RENOGY)

30 under 30 2017 Yi Li

Mr. Jason Gui (Co-founder of Vigo Technologies)

30 under 30 2017 JiaXun Gu-left

Mr. Ken Lian (Founder of Price Hacker)

30 under 30 2017 RunXiong Lian

Mr. Xiaoli Chen (Co-founder of Data Application Lab)

30 under 30 2017 Xiaoli Chen

Ms. Fangyi Duan (Founder of ChiHuo Team)

30 under 30 2017 Fanyi Duan

Mr. Bin Hu (Classical Guitarist, The University of  Arizona DMA)

image1 (31)

Ms. Jing Xia (Notable Young Chinese Zither player)

30 under 30 Jing Xia

Ms. Chujun Wang (Founder of VERAWANGxNYC)

30 under 30 2017 Dabao Wang

Mr. Zhaonan Wang (Founder of Studying in the States service Center)

30 under 30 2017 Zhaonan Wang

Ms. Xu Yang (Co-founder of World Youth Development Forum)

30 under 30 2017 Xu Yang

Mr. RuoTian Rong (Founder of Magic Cube)

30 under 30 2017 RuoTian Rong (2)

Mr. Guoyu Lin (Founder of College Daily)


Mr. Yifei Sang (Co-founder of Phemia Edu)

30 under 30 2017 Yifei Sang

Ms. Shuonan Chen (Co-founder of Agile VC, UC Berkeley)

30 under 30 Shuonan Chen

2017 Outstanding startup Entrepreneur Award recipient:

Mr. Xiao Liu (Co-founder of Doctor Glasses)