Chinese organization from Southern California are asking for additional sales taxes for gun regulation

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed six gun control measures into law, in order to strengthening the regulation of gun ownership. Some Chineses organization from Southern California said, even though there are more strictions to buy and carry guns in the new bills, most of them are only focusing on the process. They still need to take further observation of the effectiveness of gun regulation. They require elected officials consider increasing sales taxes of gun; in addition, gun owners should pay the annual insurance and registration fee.


According to : Xiangdong Ren- President of AACYF, Bingfeng Zhu- President of American Chinese International Chamber of Commerce, Keyou Han- President of American Guizhou Chamber of Commerce, Dongmei Bai & Wensen Huo- Vice President of Southern California Chinese Unio, Ruie Shan- Secretary-general of Southern California Chinese Finance Society, Jing Luo- Vice president of Culture Exchange Association, Danqing Sun- Student from Cal Poly Pomona.


They said they feel sorry for the shooting spree in Orlando. It is painful to see the lost of lives and the undesirable social consequences. It is time to strengthen the regulation of guns.


They are appealing all the elected officials to consider those actions: sales taxes for guns should be higher; gun storage equipment should be mandatory and gun owners are required to pay annual insurance and registration fee. For example, sales taxes should be increased to at least $1,000; annual insurance and registration fee should be at least $500. Those taxes and fees can be used as any government compensation for future shooting.


They said they will write a letter to all the representatives about this proposal. (AACYF)

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