Ma Ying-Jeou sent condolence letter to Palos Verde last Flying tiger veteran Hal Javitt

The last surviving member Hal Javitt  of the Flying Tigers in Palos Verde passed away this June. For memory and salute his bravery and sacrifice during the service in air force. His family and friends about 200 gathered 7/31 afternoon in Pavilion Hall of Rolling Hills. About 50 Chinese American attended the memorial event. Mrs. Anita Javitt with son Richard, daughter Jill appreciated all the friends for coming.

Long time neighbor and friend of Hal’s family. Cal State Long Beach prof. Teresa Sun introduced Chinese friends to all guest and shared her great appreciation and salute to Hal’s great help to Chinese people during in China 1944-1945.

Red Barons pilot Loyd Kennworthy shared his experience with Hal Javitt.

Well –known Chinese American entrepreneur Robert Liu shared the letter from Ying-jeou Ma, former president of Taiwan.  In letter, Ma wrote:

I am profoundly saddened by the passing of Mr. Javitt lastJune 14, the last surviving member of the Flying Tigers, the American Voluntary Group that helped us Chinese fight the Japanese aggressors during World War II. Please accept my heart-felt condolences to you and your family.

As president of the Republic of China on Taiwan from 2008 to 2016, I met Mr. Javitt several times in Taiwan and in the U.S., the last one being my trip to the Aviation Museum near Los Angeles on July 18, 2015 when I was on my way home from official visits to our diplomatic allies in the Caribbean Sea and Latin America. We had a nice chat and took a picture together by the side of a decommissioned P-40 Tomahawk, the legendary fighter plane that helped Flying Tigers create their amazing legend and gain world-wide fame by shooting down more than 2,000 Japanese planes from 1941 to 1945.

As you know, the bravery, loyalty, and professionalism have made Flying Tigers a household name in China and Taiwan. I am a big fan of the Flying Tigers. I keep a model P-40 Tomahawk in my office, which was made according to the P-40 used by Brigadier General David Lee “Tex” Hill , an ace pilot who shot down 18 and 1/4 Japanese planes and led the surprise attack to Xinzhu Airfield in northwestern Taiwan on November 25, 1943 which destroyed 54 Japanese fighters and bombers without any loss on our side. I love to wear their flight jacket to the new year flag-hoisting ceremony every year in front of the Presidential Office in Taipei and frequently wear T-shirts with their tiger shark logo in the front and the blood chit on the back while I am jogging, bicycling or mountain climbing. In fact, when I was invited by the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), thede facto U.S. embassy in Taiwan, to attend the Independence Day celebrations a month ago at Grant Hyatt Hotel Taipei, my colleagues and I all wore Flying Tigers T-shirt because July this year marks the 76th anniversary of the Flying Tigers’ arrival in Kunming, Yunnan, China after their training in India. In the seven months since their arrival, they shot down nearly 300 Japanese planes. The Chinese Air force was therefore able to regain control of our airspace after fighting the Japanese alone for four years. More important is, for every Japanese plane shot down, the lives of more than one hundred Chinese people were saved! We are still deeply grateful for their great contribution to the Chinese people in the China theatre during World War II. The Chinese people on either side of the Taiwan Strait will remember them forever.

In the last Ma wrote:

I would like to quote the refrain of the most popular barracks ballad to Mr. Javitt,

“Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” Thank you again and Good-by, Mr. Javitt.”

Congressman Hon. Ed Royce said “The United States remains forever indebted to American veterans like Hal Jayitt for the bravery and valor he displayed as a member of the Flying Tigers. During one of the darkest chapters in our history, Hal Jayitt stood as a beacon of hope and selflessly answered the call of duty. His sacrifice demonstrates a highly uncommon and commendable sense of patriotism that will never be forgotten.”








From Right: Teresa Sun, Mrs. Anita Javitt, Robert Liu, Robert Yang




Chinese American Lee Mariano (Left 2) from San Diego brought flowers to Mrs. Javitt.





Hal’s son Richard and daughter Jill


Loyd Kennworthy


Teresa Sun



Robert Liu


Mrs. Anita Javitt


Lynn Tang (Left) neighbor and friend of Hal’s family.





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