Buena Park Boys and Girls Club summer music program a sucess

The celebration of the inaugural summer music program at the Buena Park Boys and Girls Club (a drop in/daycare program) ended on a successful note. With only six weeks of practice, the young and talented performers’ eyes played piano with the confidence of professionals.
According to Todd Trout, CEO of the Buena Park Boys and Girls Club, the club serves to provide a safe place for children 6-18 after school and during the summer. The club offers a diversity of activities, such as the leadership program, money management program, education program, arts program, woodshop program, and the newly established music program.
When asked about his afterthoughts of the event, California State Senator Josh Newman said he was just overwhelmed by how energizing and welcoming the kids and the club were. He believes that this Boys and Girls Club plays a crucial role in the Buena Park community.
Fiona Ma, the chair of the California State Board of Equalization, said she was very impressed how the kids learned so much in so little time, and that they were excited and confident instead of shy. She also feels that music programs like these are important for the community and the children, since schools have cut a lot of music programs due to tight budgets.
The success of the event was made possible by many people, but perhaps the most important person of them all is Zoey Xu. Zoey Xu was born in JinZhou, a small city in LiaoNing Province of China. Her family moved to the United States so Zoey could receive a better education, opportunities, and freedom in pursuing her dream. Zoey currently studies at an all-girls private boarding school in Virginia called Foxcroft. This summer, Zoey brought an entry level keyboard to Buena Park Boys and Girls Club for her internship. At first, Zoey admitted that she was very nervous, but her nervousness was soon melt away by the children’s strong passion for music like hers. She still remembers when her first student, Skye, fully played the song Fur Elise on her own; Skye shouted “I know how to play the piano now! I can’t wait to play for my parents!”
With Zoey Xu’s internship coming to an end, there is a need for volunteers to help continue this program. Anyone with piano or music education experience are welcomed to contact the Club for a rewarding volunteer experience. Zoey’s internship might have come to an end, but her friendships and her impact on the community will last forever.
To learn more about Buena Park Boys and Girls Club please visit http://www.theplaceforkids.org/
Written by: Marvin Li

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