Meet with John Chiang in Long Beach this Sat.

This Satur‌day, Au‌gust 1‌2, John Chiang will be spending the day in Long Beach to talk about issues that affect your community.

In the morning, John Chiang will be meeting with Former Mayor Bob Foster, Councilman Al Austin and Representative Alan Lowenthal to accept their endorsements and discuss how they will work together to help all California residents — like increasing support for workforce training so that workers can have the skills to keep up with our developing economy.

John Chiang get to travel from county to county and meet people like you who represent this beautiful state as he run for governor — and He would love to meet you tomorrow.

The event starts at 11‌:‌30 a‌.m. outside the Long Beach Performing Arts Center at 300 E. Oc‌ean B‌lvd, Long Be‌ach‌, C‌A 90‌802. To RSVP, email brenda‌@‌johnchiang‌.‌com.

If you can’t attend, but you you’d like to stay up-to-date on my campaign stops in the months to come, please like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter.

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