The Los Angeles Nollywood Film Awards (LANFA) 2017

On Saturday, August 26th evening, the Los Angeles Nollywood Film Awards (LANFA) 2017 had their film awards ceremony and music festival in L. Ron Hubbard Theatre.

according to King Bassey, “the festival Goal is to provide a venue for our creative artists to produce and showcase the unique artistic abilities, increase the level of awareness in the community, promote the brand, strengthen and grow the credibility of the group.”

Winners list of Nollywood Film Awards (LANFA) 2017:

The Princess – Best Actor:     Adeyemi Lardner

Documentary – Best Producer:    Elham Madani – Isis Crisis

Best Female Producer – Broken Angels       Jenna Urban and Bernadette Gambino

Best Actress: Strangers in a Book, Vida Ghaffari

Best Actress – Broken Angels: Alyssa Steinacker and Mimi Davila

Best Actress- Double Wahala: Bessey Ikem

Best Supporting  Actor: Ejike Okoye – Double Wahala

Best Actress – The Swap Intention: Tiana Bibish Elad

Best Supporting Actor:  Brain A Conteh -The Princess

Teenage  Violence

Best Actress  – Broken Angels:  Alyssa Steinacker and  Mimi Davila

Best Supporting  Actress Double Wahala: Binta Goudiaby

Best Supporting  Actress: Bigamy Remi  Momodu

Best Director Short Film: Ryan Egypt – Chasing Title vol 1

Best Actor  Short  Films Comedy: Akpabio Junor/Etini Essien

Best Actress  Short Films: Nina and King  Ify Hollywood

Epic/Indeginous Film AKOBUO

The Best Actors: Emma Etukudoh

Epic/Indeginous Film AKOBUO

The Best Actress: Dorothy Esssien/Bernadette Obi

Epic/Indeginous Film AKOBUO:

Best Supporting  Actor: Kenneth Ekanem

Epic/Indeginous Film AKOBUO

Best Supporting  Actress:  Eno Ekwere/Uddy Udoh

Best Director  LANFA 2017

Bigamy/Double Wahalla: Obed Joe

Best Producer LANFA 2017

Singing to the sky, Tang Shan


Vida Ghaffari-Best Actress (Left 3) King Bassey (Left 4)




Well noted actress MiaoMiao (Right 3) from China.  Actor Ewart Chin (Left 3)




Mel Novak (Left) receipient of Film & Television Achievement Award


Dawna Lee Heising (Right) receipient of -Television and Film Achievement Award











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