2017 Berkeley China Summit: Technologies & Innovations that Build the Future

Technologies & Innovations that Build the Future is the theme of the 2017 Berkeley China Summit. The most influential China summit in San Francisco., attracted about 600 students and young professionals. Consul General of P.R. China in San Francisco Linquan Luo announced the Summit opining. Turing Award Winner, Director of Simons Institute of UC Berkeley Richard Karp,  Founder & Chairman of Vimicro Corporation Zhonghan Deng, Chief Strategy Officer, Softbank  Robotics Steve Carlin are the keynote speakers.


Linquan Luo

Linquan Luo said: UC Berkeley as a world-class university with historical and increasingly more ties to China, in this fall, there are more than two thousand Chinese students and scholars to study and take research here.

China remains the second largest economy in the world. In the first half of 2017, China’s economy registered 6.9% GDP growth and regained its leading position in economic growth among world major economies. China has become increasingly inter-connected with the rest of the world.

The China-US relationship has made steady progress, thanks to joint efforts from governments and peoples of both countries. As world’s top two economies, mutual respect and win-win cooperation remain main thread of China-US relationship.

In 2016, China-US trade volume reached 578.6 billion US dollars. China remains the largest trading partner, largest origin of import and third largest destination of export of the US. By the end of 2016, China’s cumulative non-financial investment in the US reached nearly 50 billion US dollars. In the same years, more than 5 million people traveled between China and the US; over 320,000 Chinese students studied in American colleges and universities. As a total, Chinese tourists and student spent more than 51 billion dollars in the US. This year, President Xi Jinping and President Trump have made two successful meetings, and exchanged phone calls for seven times. These days, both sides are working with efforts for the forthcoming visit of President Trump to China next month, which we hope will push forward the China-US relationship to a new stage.

Luo said: “Technology and innovation fit in the engine to drive economic growth. I am very glad to see so many bright minds present and I anticipate the outcomes of your inspiring discussions.”

According to the summit organizer Quanwei Li, Chuck Ng, Sam Wang, Zhenglu Li, Sissi Shi: The 2017 BCS theme “Technologies & Innovations that Build the Future” focuses on the state-of-art technologies and innovations that will define and build the future of human beings, and for which US and China will be the main players and beneficiaries. Topics covered: Artificial Intelligence, Self-driving Car, Fin-tech, and Quantum Computing.

Panelists from Huawei, LinkedIn, Teslar,  ObEN, DIDI Research, Haier Financial Holdings.

Organized and sponsored by official UC Berkeley alumni and students organizations, endorsed and supported by UC Berkeley administration, the only authentic Berkeley China Summit  (“BCS”) is a full-day on-campus conference, aimed to connect China’s businesses and investors with the technology, engineering, and business innovation expertise on UC Berkeley campus and across the Bay Area.





Quanwei Li


Clothilde “Cloey” Hewlett Cal Alumni Association (CAA) Executive Director


Associate Dean for Strategic Alliances, College of Engineering Constance Chang-Hasnain,


Richard Karp (Left)


Steve Carlin (Left)













Richard Karp talk with students




Sam Wang (left) Chuck Ng (Right)


Student volunteers working for due papers during the lunch break.







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