Chinese Simba invited to Wildlife Conservation Expo 2017 in San Francisco

At the invitation of WCN, Wildlife Conservation Network, Zhuo Qiang, known as Simba, the chief Scientist of Nature Guardian Wildlife Conservation Center of China, will be visiting San Francisco to attend, the Wild Lions/Wild Africa Forum, as well as the Wildlife Conservation Expo from October 13th to October 14th, 2017. Also present are some reputable wildlife conservationist from Africa and the rest of the world like, Dr.Jane Goodall, Dr.Iain Douglas Hamilton, Dr. Shivani Bhalla, Dr. Colleen Begg, Dr. Peter Linsey, Dr. Laurie Marker, Dr. Jorgelina Marino and Dr. Rodney Jackson.


Simba (Right ) with Iain Douglas Hamilton (Left)
The priority of the expo this year is Lion Conservation. More attention has recently been paid to lions as they are the flagship animal in the savannah ecosystem with the number decreased from 200,000 (100 years ago) to 20,000 (Today)  They are very crucial to balancing the number of herbivores and other predators in the food chain. The recent model is Leonardo DiCaprio, the Hollywood movie star who initiated Lion Recovery Fund by donating $1 million.

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Simba (Right ) with Jane Goodall (Left)
As the first Chinese willife conservationist, Simba established Mara Conservation Fund in Kenya in 2011 dedicated to habitat protection and lion conservation. He has been living with lions for 6 years for the purpose of  securing more habitat for them and other species in partnership with Kenya Wildlife Service, Masai Mara National Reserve, East Africa Wildlife Society, Olkinyei Conservancy and the Masai Community.

He joined the local tribe Masai in 2015 in order to help them to live in peace with lions. His unique achievement has attracted worldwide attention, the former NBA super star Yao Ming, the WBA boxing champion Zou Shiming and many other Chinese celebrities who have been to Africa to support his work. His pioneering adventure has been made into many documentaries by History channel, China Central TV Channel and others, which has inspired more and more Chinese people to be aware of the critical importance of wildlife conservation.


Simba is the only Chinese wildlife conservationist invited to attend the Expo, we believe his participation will encourage more people from Chinese community worldwide to make more contribution to wildlife conservation in Africa.

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