2018 Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California (CESASC) Scholarship open for application

On behalf of the Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern
California (CESASC) Scholarship Committee, I would like to inform you that the 2018
CESASC Scholarship is open for application. The deadline is February 15, 2018.
CESASC is one of the largest and the most established Chinese-American professional
organizations in Southern California. Founded in 1962, CESASC has been dedicated to
promote interests, aspirations, and professional excellence of Chinese-American
engineers and scientists. CESASC provides career and educational advancement
opportunities, technical exchange, fellowship and community service. In particular,
CESASC offers annual scholarships to encourage young students to develop their
interests and pursue their careers in the fields of science, engineering, and technology.
All scholarship recipients will be invited to the CESASC Annual Convention and network
with professionals in the fields. Graduate student recipients may also be invited to present
their research work at the CESASC Annual Convention. Each scholarship recipient will
be paired up with a mentor who is a CESASC member.
In the past eight years, CESASC gave away more than $70,000 in scholarships awarded
to more than eighty excellent students. The 2018 Scholarship application form and FAQ
files are attached for your convenience. More information and updates about CESASC
and the Scholarship can be found at www.cesasc.org. All applications should be
submitted to scholarship@cesasc.org.
The awardees will be announced at the end of March, 2018. Awardees must attend in
person the annual convention events to receive the awards. Awardees are also
required to join CESASC as a member, commit themselves to volunteer at CESASC
STEM program (e.g., mentoring middle/high school participants of STEM essay
contest), and help organizing future CESASC events and annual conventions.
Regardless of the final results, we encourage all applicants stay involved and participate
in future CESASC activities, and be part of CESASC family.
Please help us notify your fellow students about this opportunity. We look forward to
hearing from all of you.
Thank you for your interest and best of luck in your educational endeavor.
Yu Gu, Ph.D.
Chair, 2017-2018 CESASC Scholarship Committee

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