Chinese students sponsor hosting Southern California Chinese Elite basketball league

Chinese students hosting Southern California Chinese Elite Basketball


Guo Xiaoban, born 90s Chinese student who loves basketball, came from Jilin Tonghua, two years ago after graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He was inspired by the good ecological atmosphere of the students’ business circle in Southern California and started his own business based on his hobby. Basketball training camp, gradually familiar with the environment, since the beginning of this year he launched the establishment of the Southern California Chinese Elite Basketball League (Chinese Elite Basketball, referred to as CEB), is committed to building the Chinese community basketball league.


The CEB sports two seasons a year, drawing nearly 20 Chinese basketball teams in Southern California during the second season just ended. The team from 3Point Basketball Training School won the championship at the Finals Season 2 in Alhambra on December 10th.


Guo Xiao Han introduced the idea of ​​the establishment of the league, said: I really like playing basketball, but, like many Chinese, can not find the local show their stage. Although there are some basketball leagues in Los Angeles, they are all hosted by other ethnic groups and are playing games with them. Sometimes they feel unhappy because of differences in physical fitness. The Chinese race between each other, will be more interesting, better able to enjoy the joy of basketball competition.


The Chinese elite basketball game (CEB) for all Chinese groups in Los Angeles area, the goal is to hope that through the basketball league, build a platform to unite Chinese forces, the positive energy transfer health. League East (Chinese gathering area), West (Santa Monica), South (Irvine) three division. Competition points regular season and playoffs. The regular season is a race between each participating team, the top select the team between the division to participate in the playoffs, the playoffs on the elimination system, similar to the NBA system. This year, eight teams entered the playoffs. The players are mostly local Chinese youths (ABC) and foreign students from three places across the Taiwan Strait. Participating teams also showed a rapid growth trend, each time there will be a new team to join. After this year’s regular season registration, there are several teams have asked to join.


Among the participating teams, some of them organize their own training once a week. Some regularly meet to go to the arena practice. In the past, the Chinese community did not have a good match so that they could showcase their talents, exchange ideas and learn skills. Difficult to have the opportunity to know each other and get together. Guo Xiao Han said that through the league, but also found some of the Chinese community basketball elite, and some are now the American High School League has been a little famous player; some have got the AA, D1 scholarship players. Now the strength of the players participating in the final compared with the first, you can feel significant differences. One team is 3POINT, led by Taiwanese player Yang Yuming, who once played the Asian Championships and has retired. The other is a typhoon team where players have participated in the China University Super League. Guo Xiao Han said Yang Yuming strong basketball team brought out in the tactical literacy and training also has a good performance. Yang Yuming also bring some good habits of the professional team to the team, also have a positive impact on the league. For example, the handshake between teams after the game, to the audience thanks. These are also one of the goals of the league to cultivate a good game style, the establishment of friendship between the teams. Achieve friendly interaction, so that the league has more meaning.


Speaking of the future of the league, Guo Xiaohan said that as more and more teams join the league, the hierarchy may be increased in the future; more will be put on campus to provide a health for foreign students who have just started to live in the United States , A positive platform. Let basketball together these outstanding young friends, bloom a lot of good. 3POINT team leader Yang Yuming, who played with the team members and won the championship day, said the team players are from Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland students. Very grateful to Guo Xiaohan sponsored this belongs to the Chinese basketball league, so that students from both sides can learn skills and make friends. Yang Yuming has represented Taiwan in international basketball competitions for seven consecutive years. In 2008, he played in China’s CBA Jilin Northeast Tigers. Now settled in Los Angeles, his own basketball stadium, training youth basketball skills, professional training methods and significant training effect, at present he has more than 200 students.

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