Veteran George Shen runs for special recall election in the 29th California State Senate District

A large bipartisan group of business and Community leaders gathered today on the 14th of December in ”The Country” estate in the city of Diamond Bar to greet and support Mr. George Shen, a candidate for the special recall election in the 29th California State Senate District.


This large group of community leaders turned out to offer not only their emotional support, but also their financial support to a candidate they believe, who can truly represent their communities interest in the state senate.


Mr. Shen an immigrant from Taiwan, came to this country at the tender age of 14, in 1979, he voluntarily enlisted in the US Marine Corps, and later after receiving his Juris doctor degree, and after September 11th, he volunteered again in the California National Guard Reserve as a JAG officer.  due to his training and background, mr. Shen knows the issues and policies that impacts this community very very well, and he has detailed plan on how to resolve many of these issues ( such as crime, education, Healthcare, senior home etc).


Mr. Shen was particularly encouraged by the support from both Mainland Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese as well as support from the traditional Republican wing of the voters, as well as many Democrats. People are disregarding their party, or ethnic differences, he is more resolved to these overwhelming support by working harder longer when he gets elected.

George Shen

Attendance on the day’s event included SAndra Tung,  Jack Qin, Chairman of Haven East Group, Yuan Cheng, President of American Chinese National Chamber of Commerce, David Wang , Asian Advisor to President Trump, Kaiser Mo, CEO of Hollywood Media Group, Jason Li, Secretary General of U.S.China Trade Strategic Alliance, Chengyong Ren, President of Liaoning Chamber of Commerce of the United States, Jeffery Yang, Chairman of Shanxi Chamber of Commerce of the United States, Fangzhe Lv, President of Chinese Real Estate Professional Association, Ming Du, President of Blue Travel Holiday Group, Stephen J. Thomas, Managing Attorney of Landing Law offices, Kevin Guan, President of North American Chinese Truck Association, Huijun He, Chairman of Huamei Investment Fund, Li Chen, President of HVS Consuiting & Valuation, Kevin Kaul, President of US Global Business Forum, Paul P. Lin, CEO of GLC Enterprises, LLC, Mike Ting, CEO of T-Motorsports, and so on.­

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