The National Exhibition of China will be held at LA ART SHOW for the 4th time

On January 10th, 2018, the National Exhibition of China is going to be held at LA ART SHOW, US, As an important overseas project under the support of the Ministry of Culture, this is the fourth time for China Cultural Media Group to attend the LA ART SHOW.As always, the National Exhibition of China aims on laying equal stress on breaking the boundaries between fine art and folk art, with four separate exhibitions “Oriental Spirit: Liu Yilin’s Art Space”,” Artistic Conception of Ink and Wood: Chinese Literati’s Poetic Residence”,” Appreciation of Style: Traditional Craft’s Classics and Romance” and “ Reflection of the Era: Multiple Expressions of Chinese Contemporary Art”, the National Exhibition of China is going to create a splendid visual feast of sculpture, painting, poetic residence and contemporary visual culture.

This exhibition is going to continue the subject “transition of inheritance”, showing the multiple statuses of Chinese contemporary art and culture through solo and group shows of contemporary artworks together with intangible cultural heritage artworks.

In the exhibition, contemporary artist Liu Yilin will bring tens of recent artworks including sculptures with oil paintings and pen drawings as subsidiary, forming a special structure of intertextuality, highlighting the special concept of Liu within the subject, shape and color. Meanwhile, the audience could understand the artist’s feeling about “Oriental Spirit” deeply as well as appreciating the sculptures large scale and delicate details.

In addition to the solo show, the Feature Exhibition— “Reflection of the Era” curated by Blue Sky Communications Inc. and supported by Dr. Peng Telecom & Media Group also presents a group of contemporary artists from Shanghai, Heilongjiang and United States. Their artworks to be displayed through variety of media such as oil painting, ink painting, photography, lacquer art and fish skin painting etc.

These rich and colorful works present Chinese contemporary artists’ introspection and thinking of life and art based on the local culture. Moreover, we have invited several Chinese artists residing abroad. Their artworks integrate both the Eastern and Western culture and aesthetic concept, showing lively creations under the complicated cultural context.

The exhibition of overseas Chinese artists is a promotion of the whole exhibition’s structure, forming a new highlight of National Exhibition of China.

As well as the large amount of contemporary artworks, the National Exhibition of China also tries to combine the contemporary art with Chinese classical home culture, constructing a dialogue between classic and contemporary, East and West across time and space. In the exhibition, the contemporary ink paintings are together with Chinese literati’s life style. Within the classical layout of Chinese literati’s study, the exhibition shows a unique cultural interaction with the romance of Chinese traditional culture and craft, and also the contemporary aesthetics. At the same time, these redwood furniture and traditional artware both have literati’s elegance and also palace’s luxury, presenting the distinctive art style and craft features. The audience could feel the home furnishing style and aesthetics of life of Chinese traditional culture while enjoying the exhibition.

As a major overseas project of China Cultural Media Group, the National Exhibition of China not only intends to hold various academic art exhibitions at important art fairs all over the world to present the stylistic Chinese contemporary artworks, but also looking forward to promoting Chinese artists and artworks into overseas mainstream culture and market and advancing the first-class Chinese cultural achievement “going global” through the communication between China and other countries. Damai TV as media sponsor for National Exhibition of China will report daily updates about the exhibition, participating Chinese artists and their artworks to audience in China, North America, Hong Kong & Macao through its global cloud network & new media platforms. The exhibition will be continued to January 14th.

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