China to build ‘Polar Silk Road’ in Arctic: whitepaper

China’s Belt and Road Initiative will bring opportunities for parties concerned to jointly build a “Polar Silk Road”, and facilitate connectivity and sustainable economic and social development of the Arctic, said a whitepaper issued on Friday.

The document titled China’s Arctic Policy by the State Council Information Office underscored that China has shared interests with Arctic States and a shared future with the rest of the world in the Arctic.

China’s capital, technology, market, knowledge and experience is expected to play a major role in expanding the network of shipping routes in the Arctic and facilitating the economic and social progress of the coastal States along the routes, read the paper.

The document stressed that China’s activities in the Arctic have expanded into areas including the platforms of global governance, regional cooperation, and bilateral and multilateral affairs, and such disciplines as scientific research, ecological environment, climate change, economic development, and cultural exchanges.

The whitepaper said, by the end of 2017, China has carried out eight scientific expeditions in the Arctic Ocean, and conducted research for 14 years with the Yellow River Station as the base.

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China publishes Arctic policy, eyeing vision of ‘Polar Silk Road’

China published a white paper on its Arctic policy Friday, pledging cooperative governance and elaborating a vision of “Polar Silk Road”.

“China, as a responsible major country, is ready to cooperate with all relevant parties to seize the historic opportunity in the development of the Arctic, to address the challenges brought by the changes in the region,” said the white paper issued by the State Council Information Office.

China to promote sustainable development of the Arctic

China will work to safeguard the common interests of all countries and the international community in the Arctic, and promote sustainable development of the Arctic, according to a white paper issued Friday by the State Council Information Office.

China’s policy goals on the Arctic are to understand, protect, develop and participate in the governance of the Arctic, it said.

China stresses ‘respect, cooperation, win-win result, sustainability’ over Arctic affairs

China will participate in Arctic affairs in accordance with the basic principles of “respect, cooperation, win-win result and sustainability,” according to a white paper issued Friday by the State Council Information Office.

“Respect” is the key basis for China’s participation in Arctic affairs.Respect should be reciprocal. It means all States should abide by international treaties such as the UN Charter and the UNCLOS, as well as general international law, it said.

China underscores rational utilization in Arctic exploration

China underscores the importance of environmental protection, rational utilization, law-based governance and international cooperation, when participating in Arctic affairs, according to a white paper.

China commits itself to maintaining a peaceful, secure and stable Arctic order, said the document titled “China’s Arctic Policy,” issued by the State Council Information Office on Friday.

International community share opportunities, issues in Arctic: white paper

A white paper issued by China’s State Council Information Office on Friday said that the international community faces the same threat and shares the same future in addressing global issues concerning the Arctic.

According to the white paper, titled “China’s Arctic Policy,” temperature has been rising continuously in the Arctic over the past three decades, resulting in diminishing sea ice in summer.


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