Symposium held in Guangzhou to promote Lingnan art in the New Era

On Jan. 28th, Xu Qinsong and Li Jingkun Art Symposium was held in Guangzhou to promote Lingnan art in the New Era.


Xu Qinsong and Li Jingkun are leading figures of modern art with remarkable achievements in Guangdong. They have devoted themselves to organizing art creations, holding art activities, cultivating new artists, leading art workers to serve the public, and promoting the prosperity and development of Lingnan art.


Shen Haixiong, a member of the Standing Committee of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and the head of Guangdong Provincial Publicity Department, attended the symposium and pointed out in his speech that the symposium was a great move of Guangdong to uphold the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, to fortify our confidence in culture, to cultivate masters of art in the New Era, and to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese traditional culture.


Shen stressed that artists in Guangdong should struggle ahead to be masters of art in the New Era and strive to satisfy people’s ever-growing needs for a better life with art creations.


Xu Qinsong said, “Artists ought to connect their artistic pursuits with the realization of national rejuvenation.” Several years ago, Xu went to the Yangtze River four times at the age of over 60 for painting. After revising his drafts over and over again, Xu finally finished his art piece about the Yangtze River which is now a permanent exhibit at the National Museum of China.


Li Jingkun is the Curator of the Memorial Hall of Lingnan School of Painting and has participated in the sorting of Lingnan art history after work. Driven by the sense of mission to promote Lingnan art, he has curated multiple significant exhibitions in the past few years, which also drives the transformation of art exhibitions in China.


Zheng Yanxiong, Executive Deputy Director of Guangdong’s Publicity Department, hopes that Xu and Li can continue to inherit the cultural confidence, creating a new look for Lingnan art.

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