Chinese American Federation Spring Festival Gala in San Gabriel

Chinese American Federation Spring Festival Gala held February 6th evening in City of San Gabriel. Ping Zhang , Consul General of China in Los Angeles, delivered his Chinese New Year’s greeting to local Chinese communities. Deputy Consul General Shuangming Dai and about 150 local Chinese community leaders gathering together celebrating the coming Spring Festival.

President of Chinese American Federation briefly introduced the founders and histories about the organization which united about 100 local  Chinese American associations and business entities most of them from mainland China. Now they are involved in lot of local public issues and try to provide better services to local Chinese communities.

Consul General Ping Zhang expressed his appreciation and respect to Chinese American Federation.  He wishes all local Chinese have a wonderful Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year called as Spring festival is coming in 2/16 this year, The coming new year is called Year of Dog.

Group Picture

From Left: Ping Zhang, CAF President Sher Li, Deputy Consul General Shuangming Dai

Ping Zhang, Consul General of China in Los Angeles

Chinese American Federation president Sher Li

From Left: James Su, Jianmei Wang, Edward Cai, Ping Zhang, Sher Li, Richard Koo, HuiZhen Huang, Yuan Cheng

ChenHua Edward Cai, ex-president of CAF

Yuan Cheng, ex-president of CAF

Head Consul ChangAn Tang (left 2)

From Left: JiaChen Gao, Evans Lam, Dongmei Bai, Johnson Ma,Tao Fang, Wensheng Xiong

from Left: special guests from USC-CGSA JianCheng Gao, Tao Fang with YammiBuy Aaron Yin (middle) , and NYFA-CSSAJohnson Ma, Richard Ren




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