Chinese Students Hip-hop Spring Festival Gala Shocks Hollywood

(Los Angeles, 2/12/2018) Hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg and Hip-hop super star Damnshine (C-BLOCK Da Sha) from China shined in Hollywood last night bringing super exciting performances with talented students rappers to about 1000 Chinese international students from local universities in Globe Theater.

Education consul HaiYing Chai (Right) and Qian Cao (Left) with Shunyu Liang president of PPDCSSA.

Education consul HaiYing Chai and Qian Cao from  China Consulate General of Los Angeles brought best Chinese new year wishes to the students on site.


This Gala also shocked many local entertainment industries big figures they were surprised by those international students organizations and students performers presenting such a talented, popular and warm-hearted Chinese New Year Gala in Hollywood.


The show is directed by Peiyan Zhong, Pepperdine University international director student from China, most performers are students from local universities. The Gala hostess Simo Lyu from Chinese Radio Seattle and host Nicky Mac Callum from Pepperdine University.


The organizers are Pepperdine University Chinese Student Association (CSA),  Pepperdine University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA), Cal-State Northridge CSSA , and New York Film Academy (Los Angeles) CSSA.


“We want to show our positive sides to local and China while so many negative news about our Chinese international students, also with about 300000 Chinese international students in the states, we do have enough talents and abilities to the public.” said director Peiyan Zhong.

Damnshine (Left 4) with students

Director Peiyan Zhong (Right 3)

Students from New York Film Academy (Los Angeles)

China famous movie star MiaoMiao (Right 2)

Gala hostess Simo Lyu (Left) and host Nicky Mac Callum

Snoop Dogg (Green)

Snoop Dogg told Damnshine he is planning to visit China.

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