LA Chinese consulate hold lunar New Year’s Reception,  RDFZ Art Troupe brings culture banquet to guests

Los Angeles‘s Chinese consulate held a lunar New Year’s reception Monday evening, with a group of special guests whose appearance has become a surprise to about 600 guests from local Chinese communities.

“We have young and talented performers from The Art Troupe of the High School Affiliated to Remin University of China (RDFZ) on stage today.” said Consul General Zhang Ping, addressing the crowd.

Right after Zhang Ping’s Chinese new year’s remarks,  RDFZ Symphony Orchestra Chamber Music presented Chinese composer’s Henzhong Li’s work “Spring Festival Sinfonia”, and classical “Volta Watts River” , “Radetzky March”.

Followed by by RDFZ Boy’s Dance Team performance the Marching War Drum. And dance: Qiao Huadan by Dance Team of RDFZ Cuiwei Campus.

“Thrilling performances, they bring the Chinese new year’s joy  and happiness to us” said Mary Su, Mayor of the City of Walnut.

According to the troupe leader Ms, Xiaohui Liu of RDFZ, our troupe came to southern California on Feb. 8th,  we visited Mission Bay High School in San Diego, Valencia High School and south Pasadena Middle school in Los Angeles under a very tight itinerary.”

The art troupe is returning home on Tuesday, ending a high-profile performance 18 days tour of the States to celebrate the Chinese New Year and culture exchange with the states youth.

Some performers of the RDFZ art troupe, consisting of a total of 66 talented youth musicians and dancers,  have already received the Gold Prize (in Orchestra Category) at the Vienna International Youth Festival.” Boy Dancer Jiakang Peng told us he has been in dance class for 8 years already, it’s an enjoyable tour knowing more American friends.

“The troupe served as a significant occasion in improving and knowing Chinese cultures between the two countries youth and setting up a harmony and joyful environment for future.” Said Renmin University alumni, USC professor Dr. NanSong Huang.

Culture Consul Jin Wang

RDFZ Symphony Orchestra Chamber Music

RDFZ Boy’s Dance Team performance the Marching War Drum

Qiao Huadan by Dance Team of RDFZ Cuiwei Campus.

Consul General Zhang, Ping with the art troupe

The art Troupe leader Ms, Xiaohui Liu (Middle)


Before on stage


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