USC CSSA Holds 2018 Spring Festival Gala

USC Chinese Students and Scholars Association (USC-CSSA) held Spring Festival Gala celebrating Spring Festival on February 18th, 2018. About 2000 students from campus and other universities spent warm and strong family feeling 4 hours in USC Bovard Auditorium.


The Gala features various kinds of stage performances, The Spring Festival Gala brings together USC students from all backgrounds to celebrate traditional Chinese culture through various forms of performances including vocal, musical, performing arts, Chinese zither, folk dances, pop musicals, also talk show, modern dances, and even opera. stand-up comedy, in the light of one of the major national holidays in China, the Spring Festival, said the Gala director Haizhen (Jenny) Cao, a USC junior student from Beijing, all performers are students. This year’s gala special guest are NoTwoBrother.


The students performer groups: lllionaire and T-MAD Dance Crew, Excellent Onion ZT band, Trogons Acapella, Gate Five Chinese Theater, are pretty popular and well known on southern California campus. Trogons Acapella is the 1st east Asian acapella group in USC.

Notwobros grouped with Yuchen Jin, Timmy Liu, graduated from Wharton and Carnegie Melon, presented hot song Red Chill Cool, the first MV from the group, a story about a pair of red long johns sent from loving and caring Mom during winter time.

President of USC-CSSA YueFeng Zhang,  PhD candidate, said: USCCSSA as a USC students commonities with the largest Chinese population (about 5000 Chinese Students), organized and hosted New Year Celebration on USC campus for the past two decades.

lllionaire Dance Crew

Host and Hostess: Jiyuan Zhao, Wangmei Zeng, Dongyao Nie, Yuwei Gu, Tianze Lv, Yiyao Zhang

Chinese Zither

Ran Feng, Jing Wang

Erwin Valencia, Yuling Fan, Qihong Wang

Memory, QinLin Li

Notwobros Yuchen Jin,  Timmy Liu

Excellent Onion ZT band

Shaocong Gong, ZhuoRan Diao, Mu Yang, Tao Chen, Han Zhang, Trevor Zemtseff

Manqi Zhang, Saijun Li, Xiaoxun LiuGuan

Magician Seng Hong from Pepperdine University as guest performer

Trogons Acapella

T-MAD Dance Crew

Gate Five Chinese Theater

Yu Zhao, Dongfang Li, Ruinan Gong

Beiyou Zhu, Wenxuan Song

All performers with Director


Gala director Haizhen (Jenny) Cao (Right 2)

Gala director Haizhen (Jenny) Cao (Right 2) with NotwoBros, USC-CSSA Yifan Wu (Left 1)

President of USC-CSSA YueFeng Zhang (Middle) with UCLA-CSSA President Jubin Ge (Right 3)

CSSA President Jubin Ge (Right) and Pepperdine CSSA president Shunyu Liang

Riverside College CSSA president Jianyu Chen (Left 1), NYFA CSSA president Johnson Ma (Left 2) with USCCSA president YueFeng Zhang (Middle) USC-CSSA Yihao Yang (Right 2), JingWei Wu (Right 1)

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