ELAC CSSA Chinese New Year Gala

2/23 East Los Angeles College (ELAC) Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) held annual Chinese New Year Gala, attracted about 1500 international students and local community residents, delivered warm and joy to all the audiences.

The Gala producer, ELACCSSA president Haochuan Liu said this gala is connected with other universities CSSA support, and that it’s a joint success.

On Fire (UCLA Modern Dance Troupe)

Host and Hostee: Edward Shi, Michelle, Haotian Guan, Juntong,Leen Ye, Yehong Tan


Tong Jun (Left) and Haotian Guan (Right)

Chinese Talk Show: Fan Zhen, Haotian Liu, Sibo Yang


M.A.D. dance troupe

Magician: Jiayi Xu

Bixiao Yan

Acrobat: Junru Wang

Disney Medley (Trogons of USC Acapella)

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