March 9, 2018

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D-Los Angeles County) issued the following statement after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Department of Justice is suing California to block state legislation.

This vindictive lawsuit shows that, once again, the Trump Administration’s guiding principle is to wreak havoc at all costs. When AG Sessions and President Trump claim that undocumented immigrants make our communities less safe, they’re wrong. In fact, studies show that documented and undocumented immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than U.S.-born citizens.

If undocumented individuals who are victims of or witnesses to a crime fear being deported, they’re less likely to report crimes or work with local officials. California recognizes that situation makes everyone less safe. We have to trust the judgement of our local leaders and honor their right to create laws meant to ensure the safety of their residents. California gets this, but apparently the Trump Administration does not.”

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