Get Prepared for the 2018 US-China BlockChain Challenges

Boston, March 17, 2018 – The 2018 US-China BlockInvest Summit ended with a great success at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Massachussetts. More than 500 attendees attended the Summit and met face-to-face with industry leaders to discuss the innovations taking place in the world of blockchain as well as blockchain market dynamics and development trends in China and the US, in anticipation of the arrival of the blockchain era.

On the remark of the Summit, ICONIZ CEO Chen Zhao said that he would like to share his opinions towards blockchain, as well as his experiences in blockchain and token investment since early 2016 from three standpoints. Firstly, from assets classification standpoint, he suggested that being totally different from traditional investment, such as stock and bonds, blockchain should be classified as a brand-new category. From the technology perspective, as blockchain is an encrypted system, investors are actually investing a protocol. The third standpoint was from the angel investment standpoint. He claimed that the strategic capacity of the team is about building an ecosystem with all money raised and token held by the team, or itself being a holding company that attracts investors to the same platform. Based on all three standpoints mentioned above, ICONIZ has been following a strict selection process to eliminate companies that could not be blockchained since its foundation in 2017.

Later, Elastos Cofounder Feng Han gave a keynote speech about the operating system, Elastos, that powers blockchain. He said that majoring Quantum mechanics for his doctor candidate urges him to attempt to explain the efficiency of blockchain as a decentralized system. Han believed that the Elastos could solve bottleneck they found in blockchain, which is the incapability with traditional APPs. For future network safety, he suggested to run on cloud system, since every single device connected to central network may be invaded by virus. When they created Elastos, they have already established the business’ foundation of creating a secured network in the future.

Then, Everipedia Cofounder Larry Sanger gave a keynote speech on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: The Ultimate Disruption. According to his introduction, Everipedia is the first world encyclopedia on blockchain, earning a lot of attractions.  Sanger explains how they implement Everipedie on blockchain by IQ token created on blockchain. With tokens on hand, users have their right to contribute and vote. Besides, this thriving method supports not only identity authorization, but also comparison of rating from different cultures towards article. Sanger expresses his confidence in Everipedia changing people thinking method, as well as boosting cooperation.

On the afternoon, remarkable blockchain startups including ObEN/PAI, SIM, Neji, OneGame, EtherZero, Fresco, have pitched their projects.  Project PAI is creating the future of AI on the PAI blockchain. Featuring Personal AI technology from our early adopter, ObEN. Owned by you, controlled by you, and secured on the PAI blockchain, Project PAI enables every person in the world to create, use, and manage their very own PAI. SIM is a globally accessible public blockchain platform for Identity Management with which all participants can store, share and acquire identification data. On SIM platform, they authenticate each user’s identity and then collect data to secure the identity. Its verification of users’ identities makes remote invasion impossible, securing transactions and personal data. Neji is a venture-backed software company reimagining networking protocols and technologies. The Marconi Foundation has entered into a service agreement with Neji to develop the Marconi Platform.

The summit has last one full day with an extensive agenda including:

  • Decoding the Enigma of Blockchain, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Worldwide Crypto Mania: An insider’s outlook
  • Behind the Scenes of China’s Investment Rush
  • Investing in Token Sale: A Native U.S. Story
  • Cryptocurrencies vs Blockchain: Future or Bubble?
  • Developments and Adoptions of Blockchain
  • How Blockchain Technologies Will Energize Industrial Revolutions?
  • Underlying Infrastructure of Blockchain Technology
  • Merging Technology and Entertainment Industry with Blockchain
  • What It Takes to Conduct a Successful and Compliant Token Sale?


Through these in-depth discussions, the Summit provided attendees a good forum for communications and a learning channel for blockchain communities in China and the US. The summit has received strong support from companies and institutions including E3 Capital, Liaoyuan, Node Capital, Hofan Capital, SPARKLAND, Float Capital, H1percent and BSEF.

Local Chinese newspaper Worldjounal gave half page coverage for the summit.


ICONIZ ( is the one of the world’s leading blockchain accelerator for startups. They are the strong believers of building a decentralized, immutable and transparent world with blockchain that is more inclusive, innovative, and accessible. They have made it their mission to invest in great entrepreneurs that share the same dream and vision and help them establish strong connections with the community.