SW CSSA 15th Anniversary

Founded in 2003, South-Western Chinese Students and Scholars Association (SW-CSSA) held the annual election in Ontario on May 12. USC PhD candidate, ex-USCCSSA president YueFeng Zhang was elected president of SWCSSA 2018-2019.

SWCSSA has more than 36 universities and colleges in the union, and it is the largest Chinese Students league in the states. The league helps students from China by providing all kinds of services, such as airport pickup, new student orientation, job fairs, and sporting events.  It’s also a great platform for Chinese students social networks.

Mitch Lazerus and Briun Greene from SACAA (Study Abroad China Alumni Association of the Southern) spoke and acknowledged the 15 year anniversary of SWCSSA. They extended an offer for future cooperation..

Mitch Lazerus (Right) and Briun Greene (Middle) from SACAA

SWCSSA co-founder and current Board Chair YiCun Sun

SWCSSA 2018-2019 president YueFeng Zhang (Left)

SWCSSA co-founders Richard Ren (Left) and Yicun Sun

WeChat group lucky draw

USCCSSA Ex-president, EasyTransfer co-founder YuTong Gao

El Camino CSSA president Mark Wang (Left ) and elected president Sandy Fang (Right)

NACEA founder Julia Bulanda (Left 2)

New York Film Academy CSSA president Johnson Ma (Middle) and NYFA-CSSA cabinet members.





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