YouWorld Announces Turnkey Mobile Marketing Solution to Reach China’s Rising Independent Travelers

YouWorld Content Distribution Toolkit (CDT) features seamless integration into top travel apps and retailers’ own marketing channels.

Los Angeles, CA – YouWorld Inc. — the Southern California-based technology startup focused on helping brands and brick-and-mortar retailers connect with Chinese travelers – today announced the launch of YouWorld Content Distribution Toolkit (CDT), a customizable and trackable marketing solution that allows retailers to publish and distribute branded content via China’s leading travel and lifestyle mobile apps.

Announced at a Travel and Retail Marketing Tech Seminar at the University of Southern California, CDT is YouWord’s latest innovation to offer retailers integrated and cost-effective online to offline marketing solutions. CDT is a designed to give Chinese consumers a seamless brand experience from online exploration to in-store purchase.

Powered by YouWorld Service Platform, the company’s comprehensive content management and datatracking system, CDT distributes offers automatically to a wide variety of Chinese audiences by using a mobile template that can be embedded into Chinese travel and lifestyle mobile apps such as WeChat, Dianping and MaFengWo. It also connects seamlessly with a brand’s own marketing channels including the website, advertising, WeChat Official Account and WeChat Mini Program, as well as customer touch points in stores.

“Despite Chinese travelers’ widespread use of mobile devices for shopping, there is often a disconnect between their online experiences and offline interactions with retailers,” says Yuanbo Wang, CoFounder and CEO of YouWorld during his speech at the seminar. “Our mission is to close that gap by creating a centralized platform for retailers to distribute branded content and track the results.”

“This new product allows us to map a consumers’ interactions with the branded content at every step of their travel journey, from pre-trip research to in-store visit and transaction,” he added.

Wednesday’s seminar, hosted by YouWorld in partnership with Alipay Americas, at the USC Viterbi Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship, brought together brands, destinations and other key constituents in the retail and travel industry to share innovative ideas and best practices to attract Chinese travelers. Souheil Badran, President of Alipay Americas, delivered the keynote address that showcased China’s retail innovation.

Marketing executives from major retailers and brands such as Caesars Entertainment, Beverly Center, DFS, Simon, South Coast Plaza, Citadel Outlet, executives from China’s leading travel and lifestyle apps such as CTrip and e-influencers Jason Chen, Lucia Liu and Mok attended the seminar.

Beverly Center, Southern California’s premier fashion and food destination, participated in YouWorld’s pilot  program during the Lunar New Year 2018.

“Beverly Center has been focused on serving the Global Chinese consumer for several years, and we continue to evolve our programming to ensure we provide the best luxury shopping experience as consumer preferences change. A great deal of our programming is digital first which is critical with this mobile savvy customer. YouWorld has provided a welcome opportunity for us innovate our offering and partner with them across their platform to reach the Global Chinese consumer in a mobile-first environment,” commented Susan Vance, Marketing & Sponsorship Director at Beverly Center.

The YouWorld CDT is currently available only to brands and retailers in the U.S., but the company plans to expand its coverage in Europe later this year. Initially available in Chinese and English, the product will support other languages in the near future for travelers from other countries.

Welcome remark by Matt Gratias, University Program Director, Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering

“Tech Innovation in Travel and Retail: Envision a Connected Future” by Bo Wang, Co-Founder and CEO, YouWorld

Souheil Badran,  president of President of Alipay-Americas, Ant Financial

“Global Chinese Consumer Shopping Report & FIT Market Briefing” by Renee Hartmann, Co-Founder, China Luxury Advisors

Panel 1: Challenges and Innovative Solutions for Travel Retail Marketing

Moderated by Jacqueline Zhao (Right), Co-Founder and CMO, YouWorld, Bruce Bommarito (Left 1) Senior Vice President of International Marketing, Caesars Entertainment,  Susan Vance (Left2) Marketing & Sponsorship Director, Beverly Center,  Dennis Suo (Right2) Head of Travel Industry Marketing for Hawaii and North America, DFS Group

Panel 2: Pumping Up Your Content Strategy with Influencer Marketing

From Left: Moderated by Charlie Gu CEO, Kollective Influence,  Mok Travel Photographer and Lifestyle Influencer, Lucia Liu Dancer and YouTube Influencer, Jason Chen Musician and YouTube Influencer, Sherry Zhang Livestreaming Influencer

“Empower Your China Marketing Strategy with WeChat Ecosystem” by Eagle Yi , Head of WeChat Pay USA, Tencent

Panel 3, Connect with FIT travelers via Online Travel Agencies (OTA)

From Left: Moderator Bo Wang,  Feijian Xie  VP of On-Trip Service, MaFengWo, Eagle Yi, Jason Chen Head of US market, CTrip Global Shopping

Mr. Heng Huang (Left) from Xinhua News Agency

Brian Chuan (Left ) and Cindy Ma (Right) from South Coast Plaza

YouTube Influences with YouWard co-founder Bo Wang (Right 3) and Jacqueline Zhao (Left)

Representatives from Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board Rachael Che (Left) and Vanessa Rodriguez (Right) with Bo Wang (Middle)

Cynthia Schmitt (Right) from Citadel Outlets

JiaChen (Left) and Tangtang (right) from PlusYoou

YouWorld Team

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