Beauty of Weihai through the lens


The Liugong Island looks solemn and tranquil basking in the setting sun. Located on the northeastern edge of the Shandong Peninsula at the mouth of Weihai Bay, the small isle is known as the “birthplace of China’s first modern navy”. [Photo provided to]


The coastal city of Weihai in East China’s Shandong province is famous for its beautiful scenery, excellent climate and rich natural resources. [Photo provided to]


The littoral highway traversing Weihai is a popular route to enjoy the city’s fascinating coastal landscape. [Photo provided to]


The tree-shaded Huancuilou Park is a popular tourist destination in Weihai. [Photo provided to]


As a coastal city, sailing sports are quite popular in Weihai. Various sailing competitions are held in the city every year. [Photo provided to]


The Weihai cross-sea bridge looks marvelous against the glowing sunset. [Photo provided to]


An aerial view of the littoral highway winding in the mountains in Weihai, Shandong province. [Photo provided to]


Spectacular sunrise dazzles Weihai. [Photo provided to]

何延海 (2).png

An aerial photo captures the picturesque coastal landscape of Weihai, Shandong province. [Photo by He Yanhai/ provided to]

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