California State Treasurer and California Governor hopeful speaks at Future Chinese Leaders of America Meeting


Irvine, California: On August 13th, Future Chinese Leaders of America (FCLA) welcomed California State Treasurer John Chiang, who gave a speech on his childhood and his road to success as a politician.


California State Treasurer John Chiang giving speech to FCLA members

Started just this summer, FCLA seeks to involve young Chinese Americans in politics and inform the Chinese American community of relevant issues. John is the third speaker for the club, joining Irvine City Commissioner Melissa Fox and Former Mayor and Assemblywomen Sharon Quirk Silva.  A long-time idol within the Chinese American community, John spoke to a packed room of 120 people on 8/13.


California State Treasurer John Chiang talking about issues that concern the Chinese Community

“Make good friends, try everything, and even if you fail, try again” John told the club when asked his advice for success. After giving his speech, John joined the youth of the club in a heated discussion on the practicality of deficit spending. Jumping back and forth between discussion groups, Chiang was extremely down-to-Earth, and was very happy to engage the students.


Although large, most of the Asian-American population does not actively participate in politics. FCLA seeks to change that. During meetings, a speaker (usually a topic expert or elected official) is invited in to give a speech about an issue facing the community. Then, the students of the club discuss the topic and are encouraged to pick and side and make an argument. Club activities also include services for the community, such as voter registration drives and public debates. FCLA also encourages its members to get involved in local campaigns.


Many of the club’s members believe this summer’s events, such as the meeting featuring John Chiang, are important first steps in giving political voice to the Chinese American Community.

For more information, contact FCLA’s president Oliver Ma at

(Written by Ted Xiang)

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