Supervisor Barger Honors Care First South Pasadena for Sundown Town Resolution

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Los Angeles, CA (January 18, 2023) – Yesterday, Fifth District Supervisor Kathryn Barger and her fellow Los Angeles County Supervisors partnered with Los Angeles County’s Commission on Human Relations to recognize organizations for their work on impactful projects and programs during the annual John Anson Ford Human Relations Awards.

The Fifth District honored Care First South Pasadena, a coalition of residents committed to fighting racism and advocating for marginalized groups who were a driving force behind the city’s Sundown Town Resolution.

During the awards ceremony, Supervisor Barger addressed the significance of Care First South Pasadena’s efforts.

“Inequities from our past – no matter how long ago they occurred – must be addressed and corrected,” said Supervisor Barger. “Care First South Pasadena shone a light on local discriminatory practices and policies that excluded people of color from buying homes and barred their children’s access to community programs. City of South Pasadena leaders then took action, passing a resolution that brings equity training to city staff, removes racially restrictive language from existing deeds, and integrates diversity into its public programs. I applaud those efforts. The Sundown Town Resolution is a reminder to us all that it’s never too late to right a wrong.”