Ethnic Chinses political organizations from Southern California go into election process


The elections of California local governments at various levels will be held at usual time on November this year. After Labor Day, all the candidates are trying their best to convey their political ideas through all kinds of sources, in order to winning the recognition from the voters. Ethnic Chinese Political Organizations from Southern California attended California State Assembly David Hadley’s Asian American voter campaign on September 8th. Rongfeng Zhen, the former mayor of Redondo Beach attended this campaign.


60 days before the Election Day, all ethnic groups of local political organizations are putting themselves into the election process of this year, out of their political passion or the support for their ideal candidates. They are actively canvassing for their selected candidates through different actions.


The Orange Club, All America Chinese Youth Federation and Chinese American Association for Public Diplomacy and some other ethnic Chinses local political organization are providing the most direct and effective support for candidates who is willing to defend legal rights of ethnic Chinese and speak for those people. They gathered a lot of volunteers up to attend the election campaign during weekends, including asking for votes through phone call, writing postcards and visiting voter families.


The constituencies of California State Assembly David Hadley are District 66, south from LAX and Palos Verde South Bay area. He is pursuing an ideal political environment and trying to establish a leader role in South Bay. He was elected to California State Assembly two years ago, and he is fighting for his Re-election. David Hadley was a successful entrepreneur working in investment bank field for years. His older son goes to school at West Point and younger daughter just got admitted by the College of William and Mary. He is friendly to Ethnic Chinese; he is willing to hear from them, and he spoke for them when the bill affected Ethnic Chinese acceptance rate of university.


Yu Chen and Guangping Wei from The Orange Club said, even though the constituencies is South Bay area, he is still California State Assembly and he is playing an important role in California State Assembly. California bills are directly related to our daily life and children education. This year’s campaign has to be creative and we need to have a further analysis of voters.


Xiangdong Ren from all America Chinese Youth federation said, participation of Ethnic Chinese is turning from slogan to action. The most effective way is gathering all the local political organizations up. Through volunteer, public media, propaganda distribution and visiting from the young students, it will courage people to registrate voting. Local ethnic Chinses organizations are getting more attention from those activities.


Real estate experts Zhixiao Liu said, ethnic Chinses can’t give up because they have smaller numbers of people. They should be able to choose the candidate who has the similar idea and gather their supports.


California State Assembly David Hadley is impressive by the long-term support from ethnic Chinses. He mentioned that he received the donation from an Chinses from Northern California once. The donator said he just knew that David is playing an important role for the ethinic Chinese right in the bill, so he wants to show his support through donation. At the same time, David Hadley said he will actively participate in the activities of ethnic Chinese community, collect opinions from them in those public facilities and appropriation bills and try his best to make it pass in the State conference.