An Open Letter from Chinese Youth Organizations endorses Chinese International Students: They are irrelevant to tuition scams

October 11th, 2016, all America Chinese Youth Federation, Chinese American Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Outstanding Chinese American Youth Association, North America Shenzhen Youth Federation, America Chinese Youth Promotion Commission, China Youth Forum, the Chinese American Public Diplomacy Promotion Association, North America Career Express Association and other Non-Profit Organizations, which target on Chinese International Students, jointly issued an open letter to the public media. This letter is to endorse the Chinese International Students that Chinese International Students are irrelevant with the tuition scam cases.


In the letter, it stated on October 11th, 2016, the news from Southern California entitled “Thousands of Chinese International Students involved in tuition scams,” appeared on the Internet. At that time, many readers and the parents of International Students ask us, concerned about the possibility of Chinese International students involved in tuition scams. And they concerned about whether International Students are required to declare their family incomes to their schools.

As we know,  no matter in public or private schools, the tuitions of International Students are different from the tuition of local students.  They also can not apply for financial assistances issued by U.S. government. The governmental financial aid only supports U.S. citizens and residents (Green Card Holder).


Of course, parents of Chinese International Students are not required to declare their family incomes when their children apply for colleges. It is impossible and meaningless for International Students to fake their balance sheets and make up their fictitious income to become “low-income family”, which is the determinant of getting the government-supported financial aid.  Chinese International Students are not able to defraud the governmental economic assistance and get into better colleges.


According to the open letter, the news may refer to local students who need to report their family incomes when to apply to colleges. It unlikely happens to International Students (Chinese International Students) whose parents are not U.S citizens or residents.


The open letter concluded: although some special cases happened previously among Chinese International Students causing the concern of American society, we could also notice they are very active, vigorous and positive. They are also excellent not only in the academic achievements but also in innovation, entrepreneurship, public welfare and community service.  We should have high expectations of them, as well as offering them our sincere regards and goodwill. (AACYF Los Angeles, Wanzi Zhang)

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